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We are extremely pleased to have the high quality firm of Ikon Performance join us with their C8 exhaust system being their lead C8 product. Ikon is at: Their C8 exhaust is bent, made of 304 stainless, with round exhaust tips and more.
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Steve Garrett and CorvetteBlogger Keith Cornett examine “Corvette Headlines & News” for mid-September 2020. Included in this episode are: The Corvette Visualizer for 2021 is now online; The National Corvette Museum raffles off the 1.75 millionth Corvette; Electric, all-wheel drive Corvette possibly coming out in 2023;Country Music star George Jones’ Corvette gets donated to the NCM;.....and more!Stay current on what's going on in the world of Corvette with this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!
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C8 XPEL Installs Now Available On NCM Grounds When Doing Museum Delivery

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  • 68roadster
    The front is obviously much different than the C7. Are they covering all the lower black areas (say on red cars) ?

    I have not had a PPF put on before due to the cost. Was thinking about the front and rocker areas, but you guys make a good point about the rear intake, etc. We need a close inspection of some of that test fleet!

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  • Mid engined Murph
    I'm obviously on the fence about paint film and ceramic coating. While we've done the film before it was some years ago when everything was pre cut and simply applied. I follow Engineering Applied on Youtube and lo and behold they posted a video on both film and ceramic coatings. I found it very informative and I hope you will as well:
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  • John
    Excellent post Mid engined Murph. Very useful information to many. Thank you.

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  • Mid engined Murph
    So I reached out to the wrap guys, the reply has some interesting info, I'm including the full text below.

    Hello David,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us, it's a pleasure to hear from you! Congratulations on your new vehicle, we are extremely excited for your delivery! We are in the middle of our second location build-out in Bowling Green, on the NCM Motorsport Park (racetrack.) Our projection opening date is the beginning of February. We have been working with the Corvette Museum for about 5 years, we got personally invited to open our location there last year. Our main location is located in Nashville, TN.

    We are indeed working with the National Corvette Museum. They will actually be the ones offering the packages, information, and pricing on our behalf. While it's still nice to contact us, you can receive a membership discount through their facility on paint protection packages ONLY. Any additional services including misc PPF, window tint, and ceramic coating are considered an add on for our business. We are still slowly working on the paraphernalia for them to begin introducing the packages. Eventually all photos will be transferred into Corvettes for a better visual.

    We are trying our best to make it the easiest for our customers. This is information that has not been released yet nor confirmed, but we are trying to coordinate with the NCM for delivery to Auto Armor prior to the customer picking the vehicle up. This will definitely help a lot of Corvette owners out, especially when traveling far, to not have to wait a week after delivery to drive their new vehicles. In the meantime we can definitely discuss projection, pricing, and packages.

    UPDATED: We were aiming to get the cars prior to delivery for you guys but this year unfortunately it's just not looking too good. Even with our legal team together it does no good with GM being behind. The issue they are having is not all dates are finalized yet. If you have a date, it could possibly change. If it doesn't change that means GM will be finishing your vehicle in an X amount of time to that date. So with that being said, if we were to get the car prior to you getting it delivered... it wouldn't be nearly enough time we need to work on it and for the museum to prepare. Hopefully within the years to come we'll be able to work on them prior, but this year with everything moving at a fast pace and the strike putting production behind a ton... unfortunately we can't make any promises. So to say we'll have to work on all cars as they are delivered and hope we aren't booked out too far so everyone has a chance to get their new vehicle protected. Trac-Wrap will also be available to those in a hurry to get home. Pricing will be released shorty, please let me know if this is something you are interested in. Let the craziness begin!

    I know we are ahead of schedule, I want to make sure you have all the information prior if you wanted to book your delivery in advance with us. I will keep in touch with you as soon as we have word on everything happening in between time. Hopefully everything comes together and you can get it sooner than later. Below I’ve gathered some pricing and information on your 2020 Corvette C8! All of our film does include warranty and is cut with a system and plotter.

    Paint Protection

    XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS raises the bar once again with an unparalleled high gloss finish and improved impact protection for enhanced durability, making it the most advanced paint protection film on the market.

    Self-Healing: When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.
    Stain Resistance: Road grime, bird droppings, bug guts, and air pollution will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives. *Ceramic Coating XPEL FUSION PLUS available for extra protection.
    Warranty: Built to last. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is backed by our comprehensive 10 year warranty, ensuring your vehicle looks its best for years to come.
    Mirror Smooth Finish: Protection should be indistinguishable from factory paint.
    Durability: XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS features superior impact protection for whatever stands between you and the open road.

    The goal is to protect your OEM paint underneath to keep it valued and sealed. You are able to take the product off later down the road and if accidents do happen, insurance can also take over. We are certified through multiple companies, including XPEL, to install window tint, paint protection, and ceramic coating. It's great you are looking into paint protection to prevent further damage.


    We have a couple of different packages for paint protection, you inquired about paint protection in general.

    · Wear & Tear Package: This package includes coverage on your door sills, door edges, and and door cups. Wear & Tear Package is $350. (Image below) *24 hour minimum


    · Partial Front End Package: This package includes coverage on your front bumper, partial hood, partial fenders, and mirrors. Partial Front End Package is $1,500. (Image below) *24 hour minimum


    · Full Front End Package: This package is the same as the Partial Front End above but with FULL hood, FULL fenders, and headlights. Includes coverage on your front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, and mirrors. Full Front End Package is $2,500. (Image below) *24 hour minimum


    · Full Front End PLUS+ Package: This package adds rocker panels and a-pillars which are main prone wear and tear areas. Includes coverage on your front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, rocker panels, and a pillars. Full Front End PLUS+ Package is $3,500. (Image below) *48 hour minimum


    · Full Car Package: This package includes coverage on anything/everything painted, including headlights. Full Car Package is $7,000. (Image below) *4 day minimum


    Additional Add On Kits:
    Door Edge $25 per
    Door Cups $25 per
    Door Sill Kit $50 per
    Full Door $300 per
    Headlight Kit $150
    Mirror Kit $150
    Luggage Kit $150
    Rocker Panel Kit $850
    A Pillar Kit $200
    Rear Splash Kit $150

    *Turn Around Time

    If you decide to go with any of our paint protection packages the turn around time is 24 hours minimum. Keep in mind time frames do vary with added services. Night drop off available or early morning drop off at 8 AM, pick up time varying the following day. We leave all vehicles indoors locked overnight with insurance, 24 hour surveillance, and security. It does takes time for the drying process and curing of the film. Paint protection has to be in the same ambient temperature to install and also dry for proper healing. That gives the different panels installed at different times, to all dry properly in a controlled environment. As mentioned previously, adding additional services can add to the turn around time. We pick a time frame to fit your schedule, vehicle, and quality! Updates and pictures are included daily on progress and achievements on your vehicle.

    Ceramic Coating

    Purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) & painted surfaces, XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application. A great product to apply to keep your vehicle nice and shiny through any weather. Maximum coverage is reached when applying Ceramic Coating to PPF. If you do decide to add ceramic coating to your paint protection film, paint correction will be done prior to paint protection installation. After all paint protection is finished curing, ceramic coating can then be applied.

    XPEL FUSION PLUS *all inclusive* $1,750.
    • Paint Correction
    • Ceramic Coating
    • Wheels
    • Glass
    Turn around time is 48 hours minimum to allow the ceramic coating to be applied and also cure in the same ambient temperature it was installed in.

    Designed With PPF In Mind: Some things just work better together. XPEL PPF & FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating can be combined to maximize protection for long term car care.
    Superior Hydrophobic Formula: By creating a hydrophobic & oleophobic topcoat over the surface of your paint or PPF, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating will bead and repel water, oils, corrosives, and much more.
    Protection Against The Elements: Was created with car care in mind. Dust and surface contaminants like sap & grime have a harder time sticking to Ceramic Coating once applied.
    Adds Depth, Improves Shine & Surface Clarity: Want the “wet look?" Ceramic Coating can help restore brilliance & improve the visual presentation of your paint so detailing or paint correction can become a thing of the past.
    Easy Cleaning & Maintenance: Thanks to the the slick, non-stick surface of FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating, keeping your car looking its best means less washing, detailing, and money out of pocket. Save time & enjoy more of what your car has to offer.
    4 Year Warranty: Your application of XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is guaranteed for 4 years from initial installation.

    Window Tint

    We carry a wide variety of percentages you can choose from upon appointment to your satisfaction.

    To tint all around with our top of the line, new technology nano ceramic film is $320 (88% heat reduction 99% UV Ray coverage.) The nano ceramic film will insulate your vehicle, for AC in the summer and heat in the winter. I recommend this film to all of our daily drivers. If your vehicle is exposed to sunlight during the day, this film is definitely for you! Film is transferable, plus a lifetime warranty. *4 hours minimum

    We understand a lot of customers are wanting to keep the rear glass visible for the engine bay. If you would like to tint the side windows only with our nano ceramic film is $200. *3 hours minimum

    We also offer full front windshield tint as well which I highly recommend, it is your main heat source $300, because the windshield is the way you see most of what’s going on around you when driving, it’s essential that any windshield treatment doesn’t interfere with your ability to see obstacles, signs, and other vehicles—especially at night. We offer a very light film for the best heat/uv coverage but also very transparent for driving. I recommend a very light tint at 70%. That is also legal in most states, which is great! This protects your eyes, leather, and glass from heat and UV rays. It also reduces sun glare in the day time and high beams in the night time. This will give you maximum coverage on your vehicle to keep it cool and also from interior deterioration. We take a wide variety of precautions to make this install seamless. We are extremely prideful with our advanced trained team to learn and always be aware of new vehicle makes and models. If you've never had windshield tint, this is a MUST. *3 hours minimum

    *If you would like a windshield strip instead the price is $50. *45 minutes minimum

    Check out the awesome benefits you receive:

    1.) You connect with a specialized, trained, and certified crew for window tint, paint protection, and ceramic coating installation.
    2.) You receive the maximum coverage! We take prepping vehicles and all precautions very seriously to prevent any damage in your vehicle. Including: floor mats to prevent any dirt from our shoes, door covers to prevent water damage, and also seat covers to protect your leather. WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!
    3.) You experience customer care that is comparable to NONE around. We fit your needs into our day. Let us know what we can help you with.
    4.) You obtain craftsmanship with an established business with over 15 years of automotive experience.
    5.) You acquire the knowledge of all new vehicles and technology with our advanced training it keeps our crew in tip top shape.
    6.) You are given a factory resembling look with a seamless installation. Window tint edges have NO GAP. Paint Protection edges are completely WRAPPED. Making edges naked to the eye.


    If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to us. We do book our schedule by appointment only. Depending on what services you would like done, time frames do vary. If you would like to book an appointment feel free to give us a call 615-553-4015. If you would rather book through email please include the following: full name, phone number, the services you would like done, and also the date/time requested.

    My name is Kat I am the lead sales director, coordinator, and owner of the business. We run a very tight crew here, also including my husband Rudy. Our crew will be happy to assist your direct needs. Have a wonderful rest of your day and again thank you for choosing Auto Armor! We look forward to working with you in the near future.

    With appreciation,

    Nashville, TN | Bowling Green, KY

    On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 3:52 AM Web Submission <[email protected]> wrote:
    Bowling Green, KY
    Year, Make, and Model of Vehicle
    2020 C8 Museum pickup
    Hi guys thanks for hooking up with Chev to make this service available close to the museum. Can you provide an estimate and your process and timeline to install the protective film and do a tint on the side windows? thanks!

    © Auto Armor.

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  • John
    Originally posted by Murray20c8 View Post

    I'm worried about the large air intakes on the rear fenders. Seems to me they could be hit easily.
    I am getting the entire rear fenders with their side scoops PPF’d, for they do stick out, are a coke bottle shape from a bird’s eye view.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	B5B1733B-3CD5-4648-BC16-214A175A1BA7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	143.1 KB ID:	101557

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  • Tweety B
    VicH, you note Full Front End Package: This package is the same as the Partial Front End above but there was no Partial front end pricing above

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  • Murray20c8
    Originally posted by meyerweb View Post
    The only place I have any rock chips on my C7 is on the front clip, so I'm not likely to pay for the Front End Plus. Seems like overkill to me.
    I'm worried about the large air intakes on the rear fenders. Seems to me they could be hit easily.

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  • TtiME
    Like John, my installer switched from Xpel to suntek and now uses both as he says Xpel is back up to his standards. My biggest suggestion would be if your only going to do front add full rear quarters. On both my vettes and 911 you can tell the lower rears by the tires get hammered. Also since everyone mentions the ceramic coating as hydrophobic so is Xpel. Maybe not to the degree of ceramic but it’s absolutely hydrophobic. I personally think if you do full Xpel only ceramic your wheels, The rest is waste of money, but just my opinion.

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  • VicH
    Originally posted by Eagle3sh View Post

    Too late to change if you are at 3000 which obviously you are with a TPW
    I was able to make two separate changes to my order with my car at TPW 3000. I contacted Shane and my sales reps together. Initially both times my sales reps said no changes could be made and both times Shane was able to get them through.

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  • Neil H
    Thanks Captain. Thanks for pics as well and love the Avatar.

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  • Eagle3sh
    Originally posted by Neil H View Post
    Does anyone know if I can change my order to include RC8 now that I know I can get the PP, film & coating done close-by?
    I have left a message with Shane but no reply yet and not sure if he will be able to tell me that.

    My TPW is March 2.
    Too late to change if you are at 3000 which obviously you are with a TPW

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  • meyerweb
    The only place I have any rock chips on my C7 is on the front clip, so I'm not likely to pay for the Front End Plus. Seems like overkill to me.

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  • Ed L
    I have no reservations about the quality of the current generation of XPEL. I have it on the front end of my 2007 C6 and on my 2020 Equinox, and after talking with Rudy today, will do the Front End Plus package with full ceramic on my ELB C8. He has a long history of working with Corvettes and is genuinely excited about the NCM opportunity and what he can do for the Corvette community.

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  • VicH
    Originally posted by Vetter1 View Post
    Earlier today they told me $1800 for the ceramic coating. I have had any of my cars filmed, but am thinking about it this time. Is my assumption correct that the best bang for the buck is the front end plus package? Do most of you recommend the ceramic coating along with the film? Or is it better to get the entire car filmed and forget about the ceramic coating? Getting the entire car wrapped plus ceramic coating is out of the question. I appreciate your help and advice.
    Personally I think the front end plus is best bang for the buck, yeah. Ceramic coating only will NOT protect your car from rock chips. Personally I plan on the plus package with ceramic coating over everything.

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  • Neil H
    Does anyone know if I can change my order to include RC8 now that I know I can get the PP, film & coating done close-by?
    I have left a message with Shane but no reply yet and not sure if he will be able to tell me that.

    My TPW is March 2.

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