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Welcome Ikon Performance As Our Featured Forum Vendor

We are extremely pleased to have the high quality firm of Ikon Performance join us with their C8 exhaust system being their lead C8 product. Ikon is at: Their C8 exhaust is bent, made of 304 stainless, with round exhaust tips and more.
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Corvette Today Podcast IS On Now With CorvetteBlogger and Steve Garrett

Steve Garrett and CorvetteBlogger Keith Cornett examine “Corvette Headlines & News” for mid-September 2020. Included in this episode are: The Corvette Visualizer for 2021 is now online; The National Corvette Museum raffles off the 1.75 millionth Corvette; Electric, all-wheel drive Corvette possibly coming out in 2023;Country Music star George Jones’ Corvette gets donated to the NCM;.....and more!Stay current on what's going on in the world of Corvette with this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!
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All shall follow this forum rule:

“11. Do not post URL links to any product or service that is offered by a forum vendor. Exception: If the product or service you wish to link is one that you know is not offered by a forum supporting vendor, you may post that link. Examples of the latter could include tools, common products like duct/electrical tape, motor oil, and/or providers of specialized upgrade, maintenance or repair services.”

You may use a non forum business name, posting such as, “I buy at Joe’s” but again may not post a link to nor a URL of Joe’s.
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C9 To Have No Radio Speakers Thanks to New Continental/Sennheiser Auto System?

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    Originally posted by Milliwatt Rob View Post
    Sounds like an effort to adapt electrostatic technology, which has been used in home audio speakers for many years. Such systems usually had superb audio fidelity, but limited volume levels, and low efficiency.
    Yea K1XV. Not sure I want that electromagnetic energy as RF in my driver compartment. I'd rather keep that in wires.


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      If it screws up Alan Jackson, Hank Jr or, Willie ............. I'm out !
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        Oh you young fellers! What about Gene, Roy and Bob!
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