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Corvette Today Interviews Harlan Charles Re The C8 & More: ON NOW

What a wonderful Corvette Today podcast!!! Steve Garrett sits down with Corvette Product Manager, Harlan Charles on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY. Harlan talks about his early years with Chevrolet and how he became Product Manager for Corvette. He also discusses the cohesive work done by the entire Corvette team-from C5 through C8.  You'll learn about the evolution of the new mid-engine C8 Corvette and the steps taken to bring it to market. Plus, Harlan delves into the launch of the C8, the development of the strategy behind the mid-engine car.
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Race Ramps inventory clearance for Philadelphia Area forum members

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  • Race Ramps inventory clearance for Philadelphia Area forum members

    When I became a vendor-sponsor of the MidEngineCorvetteForum at the beginning of 2020 I expected to be much more active on the forum. 2020 has been anything but a normal year for Reverse Logic and after seven months into the year I have yet to find the time for making meaningful contributions to the forum. Several National tire store chains have discovered our Corvette and Tesla jack pad tools and it's been a real challenge to keep up with demand for jack pad tools with COVID-19 regulations disrupting the supply chain.

    Over the last couple of years, UPS and FedEx have raised dimensional shipping rates to the point that it's no longer feasible for a small company to inventory and ship Race Ramps. For this reason I am now drop shipping all standard and custom ramp orders directly from Michigan since I can piggy back on the factory negotiated FedEx shipping rates.

    I have a few items left in stock that I am making available to Philadelphia area customers who are able to pick up the ramps,

    I have the following ramp models available.

    RR-56-2-HD with slight flaw. Never used. MSRP $285, close out $150

    RLL-59-2 cradle top 59" long service ramp with 10.8 degree initial incline. MSRP $370, close put $200 (two available)

    RLL-78-2 78" long service ramp with 10.8 degree constant incline. MSRP $480. close out $240

    RLL-78-2-HD heavy duty version of 78" ramps. MSRP $530, close out $260

    RLL-116-3-14-HD+EXT 148" long cradle top ramp with 12" high platform. MSRP $1290, close out $600.

    RR-RU 4" high Roll-ups. MSRP $158, close out $80. (several available)

    RR-WC-10 one-piece 10" high wheel cribs. MSRP $110, close out $60. (several available)

    RR-RESTYLE-IN-16 Extra inclines for RESTYLE full lift ramps. 14" high, no platform. MSRP $475, close out $250.

    Items with a "RLL" prefix are Reverse Logic exclusive model numbers manufactured by Race Ramps.

    All prices are below cost. Please do not ask me to ship the ramps. Cash only. Open by chance or by appointment. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in any of the above ramp models.