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C7 Corvette Production Can't Finish Until the UAW Strike Ends

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  • C7 Corvette Production Can't Finish Until the UAW Strike Ends

    YIKES...taken from Road & Track:

    The United Auto Workers strike against General Motors has entered its fourth week, with far-ranging implications. It's disrupting production of GM's high-volume pickup trucks and SUVs, and it's even having an impact on the Chevrolet Corvette. Specifically, the strike has delayed the final run of C7 'Vettes, and until they're completed, production of the new mid-engine C8 can't begin.

    A Chevrolet spokesperson confirmed to Road & Track that the automaker still has C7 Corvette orders to fulfill, though the automaker did not provide an exact number. According to Jack Bowers, president of the UAW Local that represents workers at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY, there are roughly 600 C7 orders that have yet to be built.

    Bowers said that after the last C7 is built, the plant must be shut down for two weeks to be retooled for C8 production. He believes retooling would have begun this week, were it not for the strike.
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    Sad but true.


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      About seven work days to finish up the C7’s.
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        Thanks John, thats nothing! Overtime anyone???
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