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  • Product Engineering: ACS Composite

    How excellent and precise ACS Composite products are made, is the purpose of this thread.

    I have owned on previous Corvettes, and I now own on my 2015 Z06, ACS Composite products. Additionally, I have several friends who too have bought from them, who are equally pleased with their ACS products on their C7’s.

    I invited ACS Composite to become a "Forum Featured Vendor" due to my personal and my friends' satisfaction with the quality of their products.

    I will be a future owner of ACS Composite products on my 2020 ME!

    Originally posted by ACS Composite
    ACS parts, Engineered from the Ground Up

    T When choosing how to upgrade the aero of your beloved Corvette, it is vital that as much care and attention is paid to the quality of the parts you look to add as it was when you chose your ride in the first instance. After all, what good is a beautiful car ruined by inferior parts? If you opt for a “cost effective” option or copies it will often mean that the part is not designed or manufactured to the highest possible quality. The majority of aftermarket parts are mere copies that have been hand laminated or at best infused, resulting in an ill-fitting or less than perfect part that has barely any build tolerance. This can mean that it will fail to function how it is supposed to and is very likely to manifest in faults in other areas of the car.

    At ACS we pride ourselves in offering premium, quality engineered parts at good value that are imbued with a care of duty, love and attention to detail that reflects our passion for the cars with which we work. Quality above all. Our reputation is everything to us, so you can rest assured that we do everything in our power to protect and enhance it on a daily basis – constantly working on new innovative solutions to provide the greatest options for Corvette enthusiasts everywhere.

    We go the extra mile

    Every single ACS Composite part is specifically engineered – tailor made for its role – with incredible attention to detail. Each part starts life as a sketch, designed by our dedicated in-house engineers using the very latest CAD software. It is then CNC machined. This process enables our team to carry out virtual tests and optimization before any of the parts get close to going online for sale. They are tested and tested and tested until they are ready for manufacturing i.e. perfect for the job. Behind the scenes, each and every year a substantial investment is made in R&D to ensure that year on year we improve what we do, keeping us head and shoulders above the competition.

    Our parts fit like a glove

    We are an OEM manufacturer, having built over 250,000 panels for the big three. We utilise the same manufacturing specifications and quality for all our products. Each and every one of our parts are designed following the OEM specifications. This ensures that the parts are made exactly as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and is quite simply the only way to make sure that you end up with a part that fits to the highest standard.

    7th heaven

    As a result of our diligence and quality practice, our parts meet the stringent 7 year durability standards imposed by the manufacturer. This includes a battery of tests prior to the manufacturing process ranging from moisture / crack cycle testing to heat distortion testing and vibration cycle testing and more besides. A major reason for the durability of our parts is that ACS tooling is the heaviest and sturdiest. Typically one of our splitter manufacturing moulds will weight 3-5000 lbs. This may cost much more than your average aftermarket moulds, but this is part of our proprietary manufacturing process, which undoubtedly results in a vastly superior and more durable part. The special formulation that we employ will ensure the parts will not distort wave or deteriorate over time. This is yet another key attribute of ACS parts.

    Our mission and we chose to accept it

    At ACS we don’t believe in the concept of ‘mission impossible’ and we will not rest until we have looked into the prospect of creating the very best additions to America’s greatest sports car. Yes you will find cheaper parts out there, but you will not find anything approaching the quality of ACS for the price. The term ‘value added’ is at the very heart of our business. Our approach can be summarized in five key objectives.
    1. Quality part ‘out of the box’
    2. Easy Installation with instructions and needed hardware.
    3. Perfect fitting
    4. Durability
    5. Performance

    No raw deal

    All of the raw materials we use are manufactured and sourced in North America, which adds fuel to local economy and ensures impeccable quality control and speedy turnovers. Most other companies’ aftermarket parts are sourced in their completed form overseas. We manufacture every panel we sell after sourcing the highest grade resin and materials. This makes all the difference. If cheap parts are a temptation consider this…As a general rule our resin (the raw material) costs more for us to buy than a lot of cheap, inferior completed parts sell for. If that is not a red flag, than what is? The importance of quality raw materials as well as the value added by our experienced, trained technicians cannot be overstated. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

    Drive for synergy

    ACS are incredibly proud of the work we do and one of the key reasons for this pride is that our parts deliver on multiple levels. We are not usually happy for our panels simply to look the part (although they always do!) but we want them to add to the performance of your car wherever possible. Our absolute aim is for the best quality components that offer total synergy between performance, style and durability. Our ACS-C7 Splitter is a perfect example of this desire bearing fruit.

    Presentation and Image

    ACS are also dedicated to the provision of excellent pre-purchase information, aftercare and presentation. Our configurators are excellent tools for trying out combinations of different components to see how your car would look if you go down certain routes. We also offer some tremendous videos that show how to fit our parts, as well as videos that show how completed refits will look.

    The finish

    Our parts are lovingly manufactured from smooth RTM composite material and come fully prepped and primed. They afford excellent protection from rock chips, aerodynamic enhancement, for example, due to the control of lateral airflow and immense style. State of the art of equipment is used in manufacturing, such as robots, for trimming and large presses to ensure a consistent glass to resin ratio. There is often a choice of finishes and the option of an elegant black satin finish to add a touch of class to your car.

    Every ACS product, whether manufactured for the OEM's or for the aftermarket is engineered and validated to meet the stingiest performance and quality standards. With it's in-house design, tooling and manufacturing capabilities ACS is the leader in the performance aero segment.

    With nearly 250,000 composite components built for various OEM automotive customers, ACS excels in a market where high quality meets competitive costing; therefore, allowing ACS to apply this knowledge to new applications where composite properties are favourable for achieving light weight, aero efficient durable components.

    To see their whole line of products easily, we have three options: you could click on one of their banner ads in our forum, click on their link in our vendor section below, or go to;

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    very cool stuff. looking forward to the ME parts...


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      When I buy some aftermarket parts, I expect to return some, on some bigger parts expect to have to pay my bodyshop tech who is installing them an hour or more to “fine tune their fit.” Not so with ACS — even with their complex, multi-angular, multi-curved ones.
      GBA Black; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51 & Mag Ride; E60 lift; 5VM visible carbon fiber package; 5ZZ high wing; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; 3LT; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; J6N Edge Red Calipers; SNG Edge Red Hashmarks; VQK Splash Guards; RCC Edge Red engine cover; VJR illuminated sill plates. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 23 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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        ACS Composite has first class products.
        Enjoying my Shadow gray C8. What a car it is.