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Vendor Importance, Standards and Rules

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  • Vendor Importance, Standards and Rules

    At MidEngineCorvetteForum, we value and support our vendors. Admin and Moderators will continually review posts by forum members to insure that they are not trying to sell vehicles and products other then those they have personally owned/acquired for their own Corvette. No one shall be in competition with our forum supporting vendors unless they are another supporting forum vendor. The admin/mod team will actively ensure that no member uses, as part of their forum name, any part of their business name, reserving that privilege solely for the forum’s owners and for forum supporting vendors.

    All commercial posts from other than approved MidEngineCorvetteForum vendors, shall be removed.

    Vendors are forum members, and that consequently all vendors shall also comply with the following forum’s standards/rules and guidelines to which all members are also required to adhere.
    1) To apply to be a vendor, please contact via a private message (PM) one of the forum’s administrators or moderators. As one reference, PM Admin John, providing him with all pertinent business contact, website and related information prior to posting any/all commercial for sale content.
    2) Unlike some forums, vendor advertisements are not allowed in the general sections of the forum. Instead once you have been approved as a vendor, you will have your own “vendor section," and in their vendor section, may put up specific product and pricing information.

    Exception: If you bring to market a product that is new, such as the very first ME convertible storage space liner, a vendor may post that new-to-market product in our general thread, but not allowed to put any pricing to it. Such threads shall be short and to the point with a max of a few pictures, and shall contain the language that,“For pricing and other specific product information, please see my business vendor section; “PM me for pricing information.” Of course, please there place a link to your own MECF forum section. However, in the general membership sections of the forum, links to your website and its specific products/services are not allowed.

    3) While all members of the forum are allowed to post in your vendor section, you will have the ability to edit and/or delete all posts within your section.
    4) Just as all members are required to be polite and respectful of all other forum members, so are vendors. If you as a vendor have a concern about a member’s post (and vice-versa), we have a thread in our Member Intro/Info section of this forum delineating how a person who purchases a vendor’s product but who is not satisfied with vendor performance, shall first, non-publicly/not on the forum, try and work constructively with you to resolve that concern out of the public view. Similarly, if vendors are unhappy with a member’s post, pursue one or both of the following avenues: a) a private message with that member, and/or b) contacting admin/mods to again try and resolve any/all differences prior to all differences being posted on the forum by either party.
    5) If a vendor has a sale posted, it shall include pricing and dates of applicability — and of course since it would have pricing, it shall only be posted within the vendor’s section.
    6) This forum supports and encourages vendors to consider providing a discount to all members! It can be a pricing discount, additional product provided for free, an extra service or whatever the vendor chooses. MECF does not allow “group buy” threads.
    7) Vendors are not allowed to use the section of this forum that is specifically limited for member sales of member’s personally owned product, e.g., my 2005 Corvette is for sale; I bought a windshield mod widget, but decided not to install it, etc.
    8) Vendors are not allowed to flood the forum with their threads or posts even within their own section. The reason is that if a vendor were, for example, to post at one time, many different items for sale in all those different threads, that would mean that on the right side of the main page, where members often go to see the latest five threads that have been posted, they would only see a listing of all of the different threads being yours exclusively. Vendors shall therefore be considerate and limit their new threads and or for sale posts, even within their own section. Simply spread them out to, for example, place one in the morning, perhaps one at the end of the day, or some reasonable variance complying with this rule’s intent). If they are spread out, you will earn the member’s support as opposed to their resistance to your products/services.
    9) Lastly, as we are one caring Corvette community, just as members shall be respectful of vendors, vendors shall be respectful of members. Being a vendor is a privilege, and we believe you are a strong asset to our friendly Corvette community. Vendors may, and in fact are encouraged to take part in general forum conversations, as long as in the general membership area, they are educational and information, not of a commercial sales nature.

    Thank you current and future vendors! We respect you as an integral part of our forum.

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