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FS: 2021 Torch Red 2LT C8 HTC (XPEL, Ceramic Coating, Extras, Low miles)

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  • FS: 2021 Torch Red 2LT C8 HTC (XPEL, Ceramic Coating, Extras, Low miles)

    2021 Corvette Stingray 2LT Hard-Top Convertible in Torch Red, Natural Interior. 31XX miles

    This car I custom built to spec and then added what I feel are must haves to enjoy this car for worry free driving and enhancing its looks. I am located in North/Central NJ, 30 minutes from Newark (EWR) Airport.

    Paint Protection:
    • XPEL Ultimate Plus - Full Front, Full Hood, Front Fenders, Mirrors, A-Pillar, Rocker Panels, Side Skirts
    • Arctic Coating Ceramic Coating (5 year warranty)
    • XPEL Prime Window Tint all around

    • 2M Sport Cats
    • Tony Mamo Ported Throttle Body
    • Paragon Performance wheel spacers
    • Custom painted center caps to match the accelerate yellow metallic calipers
    • Corvette Jake Floor Liners - original carpets are new. The floor liners are rubber/plastic that cover the entire floor, GM product

    The car is stunning and I get more thumbs up, comments, and people taking pictures/videos everywhere it goes. It is garage kept, and has only been hand washed by my professional detailer who comes to my house. This is my 6th Corvette over the last 20+ years.

    I have bought and shipped many cars. If you are interested in enclosed transport, let me know as I have used (Plycar, Horseless Carriage, Intercity Lines). These companies are well known on auto forums and regularly ship exotic cars.

    If you need a loan, look at PenFed. They have a balloon payment type option and also traditional financing. The balloon payment option keeps your payment much lower as it has a buy out at the end of the 36-60 month term, if you don't plan to keep the car for that many years, this makes sense for a lot of people to keep payment lower and then selling it.

    With XPEL, Ceramic Coating, Parts, Labor, etc. there is about $8K worth of extras vs buying one stock. Most owners want to add these things such as XPEL, Ceramic coating, etc. so it is already done to start driving as soon as it arrives.

    Car is priced at $109,500

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    Posts deleted as they interfere with a for sale posting. Don't like it? Then just move along.
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      Great looking color combo, wish it was a Z51. Good luck with the sale!


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        Vehicle is outstanding 👍👍
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          Beautiful C8 Z0Sick6. May it sell quickly resulting in a happy buyer and seller!
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            Don't see the gray painted trident wheels much, but they look great, good luck with the sale.


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              Thank you all.

              Price dropped to $109,500 - if you account for the XPEL, Ceramic Coating, and other extras/mods its like getting the car for $101,XXX... 2LT Convertible, and its a 2021 (so much more warranty vs a 2020). I wouldn't want to own the car without XPEL and the ceramic coating made a huge difference. The paint looks wet 24/7 and makes washes a breeze and nothing sticks to the car, along with zero brake dust.


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                Ready to move this. Auction pricing is low 100s plus buyer fees and this also has almost $8K in extras, the big stuff being the XPEL and Ceramic coating, its already done and I spent the thousands it costs for both.