In order for buyers and sellers to be happy with their transaction, we have the following guidelines for our for sale (FS), want-to-buy (WTB) and our want-to-trade (WTT) threads. Their purposed to help forum members to sell their personally owned Corvette, their Corvettes parts, another non-Corvette you personally own, and/or to buy or trade these items — with the nice secondary benefit of most often helping other members to buy them.

Thank you for writing your threads and posting consistent with the following..

1) The thread’s original poster (OP) shall list his/her item(s); describe it; desired price; and, any conditions of sale (local pick up only, will ship if you pay the freight, etc);
2) Pictures greatly enhance sale prospects. They are required to post any Corvette or any Corvette part in this forum marketplace . They also help both prospective buyer to understand exactly what is being placed on our marketplace.
3) If responding, and you believe a lower price is warranted, feel free to gently tell the OP via a private message (not a public post), conveying your thoughts there as to a suggested price;
4) If responding, do not post a competing nor an additional item (though new threads are always welcomed);
5) Do not criticize the item's quality, nor, in your opinion, it's usefulness/merits.
6) Start your thread title with FS, WTB, or WTT. There are two reasons for doing so, the most important of which is that when thread titles are preceded with these letters, bolded and capitalized, they stand out — are attention-getters.
7) Please do not "jump into" someone else's existing thread, e.g., trying to sell your Corvette in someone else's for sale thread. You are always welcome to separately start you own — even at the same time.
8) No FS/WTB/WTB thread may be located in any other part of the forum, nor may one try to gentle place (sneak) one within an existing general forum thread.
9) Only an vehicle or part(s) that you have personally owned may be placed here; no re-sellers nor commercial sales are allowed on our forum.

Thank you very much! Good luck selling to, and buying and selling your own personally owned vehicle/your parts to/from your fellow forum members.