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FS:1957 Corvette Lost In Time For Sale

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  • FS:1957 Corvette Lost In Time For Sale

    Looking at Craigslist the other day and noticed this about 50 miles away . I do not know the owner just thought some others would llike to see it ...

    Click image for larger version

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    A thought if I might ...

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    Thank you Ssscooter66. Great find. And will be a wonderful car for someone. If no more than surface rust on the chassis, this could be a wonderful car for someone to drive for many decades to come.
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      Pretty neat time capsule. Love the 56/57 single headlight cars. Not sure I'm buying the 27,000 original miles with those seats and shifter. Cars like this are fun to drive and garner more attention than all the pristine, restored garage queens. Somebody has stripped the paint, so you might as well paint it now. It would be cool to just drive it the way it is though.