Reveal Countdown Clock! Official 4/26 GM C8 News. Finally, 7.18.19 Orange County Reveal Location Is Announced!

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Official GM C8 Pre-Reveal Timeline And Events

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  • Official GM C8 Pre-Reveal Timeline And Events

    Official GM C8 Pre-Reveal Progressively Unfolding Information and Events, Of The Now 13 Official GM C8 Announcements.

    This is a “just the facts,” a locked thread, a continual updating of onlyGM’s “Next Generation Corvette” pre-reveal process process. As seen, even when GM first called it publicly it in an official presentation first the “Next Generation Corvette,” then it was two weeks later until it was first referred as the “C8,” and it was even later while until they first referred to it as the “Mid Engine.”

    This thread is being put together so when us Corvette nuts look back at a comparable time just before the C9, we can easily find in one place the many GM teaser steps that led up to the ME’s 7.18.19 reveal. Of course, it is also a reference place for those who missed some of the steps along the pre-and- post 7.181.19 reveal unveiling.

    This is a closed, non-discussion thread, again just a cold recital of what happened on what day, and only information or process was officially released by GM. [It does not count any leaks, real or imagined on our part, nor those presented by others including GM staff inadvertently along the way.]

    For all commentary, additional and corrections to this “timeline only” thread, please post on this companion thread. Thank you!


    Yet even with the first official GM ME pre-reveal steps listed below, we still do not know 1/1000th of what GM has in store in the next 76 days for us. Here, in order, are the initial C8 pre-reveal events.

    1. NYC: April 11, 2019:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	44584C96-058C-4133-8CE6-AD9DF8DC2558.jpeg Views:	19 Size:	206.9 KB ID:	34840

    Click image for larger version  Name:	C3204450-1061-487F-BD4C-4734CC91528D.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	531.4 KB ID:	34838

    GM’s first official presentation of the C8 Corvette was in rush hour in NYC, where Tadge and CEO/Chairperson Mary Barra went for a initial C8 presentation ride. Also includes a video of that memorable ride.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	F3514797-8E9A-4D5C-B236-9185F864302D.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	676.6 KB ID:	34837


    2. GM Creates “Next Generation Corvette Updates” Program: April 12th

    If one clicked on a link, one became on GM’s continual email notification of updates process for the C8: Here is what one received if you selected to be continually GM C8 updated:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	10681F6B-9135-42A8-A1C6-B9D2B83C7DBC.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	209.8 KB ID:	34836

    3.April 18, 2019: The National Corvette Museum told us on their FB site that during the next week’s BASH, GM would make two ME announcements.


    4. BGA “Golden Ticket” Tours: April 24 & April 25th: While NCM announced these BGA tours a month before they took place, in the earlier email announcement/invite issued to NCM Lifetime members, it was made clear that during the BGA tour, that only updated BGA Plant revisions/process and the C7 would be presented; it was only during the week of the tours that speculation grew, turned out to be warranted, that a C8(s) would be seen during the tours.


    5. C7/C8 Official Corvette Team C8 Presentations At Bash: 4/25 Friday at 9:00 AM and 4/26 Saturday @ 8:45 AM )


    6. Second BGA Shift with 400 New Jobs Announced by CEO Mary Barra: April 25th

    7. Bash GM First Official C8 Seminar: April 25th — including that day showing off the new emblem, the IP’s start up animation, the Corvette team presenters wearing camo shirts, andincluding announcing the NCM raffling of C8, VIN # 25, a $25 raffle ticket entry which would be drawn during the 25th NCM Anniversary Celebration on August 31st.



    8. C8 Slow Drive By Around the NCM’s Circle: April 26th

    Great videos thanks to CorvetteBlogger, NCM, and Spring Mountain; and a special thanks to Craig Marcho (“Marcho Polo”) for these fantastic quality high resolution photos of the slow-speed drive by!


    Click image for larger version  Name:	12E76B78-C36B-49D6-AFDA-FD8DAC518919.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	4.12 MB ID:	34835

    9. First Pre-Reveal Teaser Video: April 29th (first time GM used the word “mid engine.”)


    10. 7.18.19 Press Invites Sent Out, Including 1st Time the Orange County Reveal Location: April 29th:


    Click image for larger version  Name:	B5AD5261-DBA5-45C0-983E-00D277C52FC5.png Views:	1 Size:	227.5 KB ID:	34834

    12. GM Announces C8 Sales Requirements For Dealers: May 1st


    13. First Next Generation Corvette TV Advertisement: May 3rd

    This thread will be continually updated, but is always locked; for commentary, corrections, additions and discussions, please post in this thread:


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