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Tremec TR-9007 DCT For The C8? C7’s Ending & C8’s Beginnings: Possible Options. ME’s Infotainment System Capabilities and Components

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Wish To Change Your Forum Name? Bob Lutz on C8 vs C7 Pricing; ME’s LT2 Engine Technology Enhancments!

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Lutz: C8 Little More Than C7 Version for Version

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    I think I've said this before, but the two factors that could impact GM's ability to sell as many C8's as they have sold C7's are pricing and utility, i.e. what cargo can you carry in it to go touring. A lot of people love this car for its GT capabilities to go cross-country with enough luggage to take a couple from sea-to-sea at 82 mph and 30 mpg. If the new C8 can do that as well as and as affordably as the C7, they've got a winner.

    The challenge is that mid-engine placement alters the storage geometry from what many Corvette owners have enjoyed for over 40 years. I have faith that Tadge J. and his talented crew have figured out how to do this, with a "frunk" and a rear store area, and also provide us a big step up in handling prowess. I am looking forward to seeing and driving the next generation mid-engine Corvette very soon.


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      I think as you do, that as Bob Lutz has said, GM has figured out the ME storage issue. I am looking forward to my C8 long road trips.
      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A ME C8 Corvette is coming next.


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        Thanks John, and your memory is better than mine, I didn't remember the author of that quote that the performance limits of the FE had been met. The idea of a five figure ME is exciting. Otherwise, a little exclusivity would be welcome too. Regarding dates, if the C8R is already scheduled to compete in 2020, it might be possible to account for production targets (if any required by regulations) and determine the drop dead date for the launch if that makes any sense


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          Tadge was not speaking 100% literally, for on a perfect hot day, with heated tires on great pavement, there is no doubt that if the ZR1 had even more 100 more horsepower, it would be even a touch faster. Here however, as some comparison numbers for Tadge’s comment’s basis:

          As Tadge has noted, “we have maxed out the performance of a front engine Corvette.” As one specific example, even though the horsepower of the ZR1 is 16% more than a Z06, its 0-60 time is only 3% faster more than the Z06. The ZR1 however costs $40,000 more (a 49% increase), to get a 0.1/second better 0-to-60 time, e.g., from 2.95 seconds to 2.85 seconds.

          So on a 60 degree day on a typical public road surface, unless you were a professional driver, you would be throttle modulating your “just 755 HP” ZR1, and doing even more throttle modulating if a ZR1+ with 855 horsepower were available. You might not be getting to 60 MPH from a stop faster, or if you were faster, it might be it in the range of 2.83 seconds.

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            Considering what has came to light about the interior pictures recently and one part of a multitude of speculations. What do you guys/girls think on the price point of said speculation for base with moderate upgrades? Does everyone believe they are relevant or absurd and the belief that " even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes " holds true?

            I completely agree with some of the post that seem logical about the vettes recent history of sales but is it really possible to change a working model so abruptly for high end pricing for even a base after all these years? It's my first "possible" vette purchase but if they expect me to pay 180k for a base chevy with minor upgrades they are out of their mind. As much as i would love to get a corvette after so many years I might just pass on it entirely.

            I personally only care about performance and driveability in a car. I don't care about having all those super duper expensive interior mods myself. I guess i will find out soon enough but what is the consensus here?


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              Yes, even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes. However, Zerv02 was accurate from the beginning on the interior.

              However, I believe that while Zerv02 was accurate on the interior, he remains 100% wrong on the pricing of the car. The entry car will come in below $75K MSRP — and I believe that there is good margin below that. Zerv02 was given every chance immediately after he posted it to say was that $169K, that that is the price of the 1,000 AWD HP, ZORA, and he would have been right a second time. Instead he never said that — again with many giving him multiple opportunities to make that clarification, all of which he never exercised. He kept returning to the mid engine starting at $169K. He is again roughly $100,000 over the correct price.

              We are all going to be very happy campers at the reveal when the pricing is announced.

              Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A ME C8 Corvette is coming next.


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                My estimate is that I need to earmark $100,000 once you got decent seats, suspension options if any, air in the tires an a full tank of gas


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                  $169,999 will be the price?
                  please note the bolded portion of the price...


                  just a guess...and personally i think the 14 grand jump in base price is too high unless a few items that used to be options become standard...

                  I d like to see the few new items that were options becoming standard be the heavy duty cooling and suspension which if i remember correctly was a five grand option..

                  56 plus five for the z51 in the c7 model throws us up to 61 grand...add five more and we are at 66..add in 3 grand for the automatic transmission that used to be optional and we are at 69 grand?

                  sounds good to me but again im just guessing.

                  i think sometime in april will be the pricing release date.

                  with the photos yesterday on the interior...hard not to opt for that 3LT interior...

                  wow that will finally be the end of that old story of vettes having substandard interiors to porsches and other foreign cars.

                  i never minded the interiors of previous corvettes. I usually did a few aftermarket interior swaps like a d shapoed thick leather steering wheel and with that as the major touch point i was always happy...

                  as long as i kept up with cleaning the interior i always felt the interior was fine as Ive always been enamored with the performance of these vehicles. I thought the c7 interiors from the factory was extremely nice.

                  gm showed yesterday its a whole new level of very nice interiors..

                  i cant wait to never hear on the interweb...about how superior foreign car interiors are..

                  i dont know who caresses interior dash boards but hey whatever floats your boat..

                  looks like the fully optioned c8 will not only be world class but first class ..

                  well done corvette engineering.

                  l’ll take the basic partner in crime 23 year old handicapped kid is messy with weekly wood chips from the horse stables..

                  im always vacuuming out the interior and i wioe down the finger prints...

                  the white, light grey or beige color combo shown is not practical for many who daily their cars...

                  pretty as shown but ill take all black.

                  just shooting the breeze this morning as i continually admire yesterdays photo release...


                  those buttons running down on the center divide have me slightly concerned...but only slightly...

                  driver centric cockpit to the max...well done...

                  id say the interior shown is the full boat example and very well done.

                  figure 99 grand at full boat all the way around

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                    Agree with your logic JB ... I think the pics we saw of the interior were quite nice and I'm not embarrassed by the C7 interior at all. I'd like a two tone interior similar to my 3LT adrenaline red, but will wait to see what's offered. Z51/dual mode exhaust/mag ride/upgraded interior for me.


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                      We will quote JB later when the first sticker picture shows $69,999. (We hope.)
                      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A ME C8 Corvette is coming next.


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                        Mark Reuss in an interview and speaking about the C7 ZR1 and Corvette after the C7:

                        Reuss: "The ZR1 is the fastest Corvette ever. Its capability is huge, and its dollar value is great. I don't see that going away for Corvette, ever."

                        Interviewer: Does that mean that the Corvette's front-engine formula won't go away?

                        Reuss: "No," he responded. "[I'm referring to] that value and accessibility of things that otherwise are reserved for upper exotic cars -- that formula of value-to-capability, to play in places where only some hyper-expensive cars can play. That formula for Corvette has to remain intact, and it will."

                        Corvette Magazine, March 2019.