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((( *** VIDEO *** ))) : TFL Now 2020 C8 Mid Engine Spied and Caught....

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  • ((( *** VIDEO *** ))) : TFL Now 2020 C8 Mid Engine Spied and Caught....

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    Everybody was nice and polite! No harm done. The pleasant music kept everything calm.
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      If GM really didn't want them seen, it's simple to rent a tent to put them all in....or a private garage. But I wish the videographer would have turned his phone sideways in landscape mode it would have been better cinematography.
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        Thank you Corvette_Nut for finding and posting this video!
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          Great pictures and video! Makes me think that they want the cars to be seen and are just acting like they don't.

          -Multiple prototypes are sitting in a parking lot side by side and completely out in the open with one lone guard.
          -The guard is barely trying and pretty much just let's the guy take the video and pictures.


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            Glad to see that they are continuing testing. Thanks Corvette_Nut.
            Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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              Exciting times for us Corvette Fans. I can't wait for the full reveal of the 8th Generation....


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                I don't think GM is hiring the guards to prevent people from taking pictures of the cars. It's more to keep people from trying to remove the cladding or otherwise mess with the cars. They know that by testing them in public people are going to take pictures.
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                  Every glimpse that GM "lets" us see is undoubtedly closer to what the production ME will look like. But, I am not really going to feel like I am seeing (or hearing) the real thing until I see one with a window sticker on it. Just say'n.

                  Having said that, I am always waiting for another look-see to come along. Thanks for posting.