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GM president says EV wont go mainstream until these issues are resolved

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  • GM president says EV wont go mainstream until these issues are resolved

    ]GM president: Electric cars won't go mainstream until we fix these problems
    CNN Business Perspectives
    By Mark Reuss
    November 25, 2019

    *Full Article at Link

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    A little concerning since GM has stated 20 new full EV vehicles coming by 2022 which is two years away.

    Are the 20 GM electric EV s 8 years too early?

    Not sure the public relations dept is actually doing their job.

    I always respect Mr Reuss but this article was confusing since GM is launching 20 EV s in 2022 which is 2 years away.

    Who is monitoring the public relations aspect of these types of articles. As a GM enthusiast Im confused by the latest announcement ...

    GM public relations should consider consumers interpretations as 20 new EV s are announced in 2022 for showroom duty?

    i believe GM is having their dealer network installing EV chargers like ford is doing with its Mustang Mach E introduction.this past month.

    corvette crosstrek would have been a smart addition to the corvette lineup. I dont believe the camaro crosstrek would be a smart move.

    probably end up as EV Hummer by GMC which is pretty cool as a marketing move.



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      Very cool. Maybe someday I'll own TWO Humvees. Have a 2010, it is my tractor, and best truck I ever owned. (Inline 5 cyl.)


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        Very valid points, however there are many more they are not letting out of the bag. If everyone came home after their commute and plugged in the grid would surely fail as it is already in need of serious rehab. The costs to rewire the whole country and install Mega Transformers and Huge Power Lines will drive costs of electricity skyrocketing as well as costs for copper and all the mining materials used to produce batteries. Lets not even get into the environmental impact of producing all of these things and trying to properly dispose of or recycle the ever degrading Mega Battery Packs. The electric vehicle is not by any means new and has failed to become accepted many times in the past. It's going to be a really bumpy ride for a lot of these companies to try and figure out how to overcome all of the future problems and extreme costs and environmental impact EV's will cause. There are other alternatives which would be safer and less costly however there is not as much profit. Sadly other alternatives will not be implemented.
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          IMO, until we accept Nuclear as the cleanest, most effiecient fuel gasoline will remain the best when all pollutants are figured. Windmills kill thousands of great predator birds and solar farms are disgustingly inefficient and unsightly. The first thing the electric auto industry can do is agree to a universal charging port.
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            Surprisingly the electrical grid requires usuage and out put to remain balanced. Evening usage is very low. The impact on the grid is extremely light in the overnight hours.

            while it is true if everyone charged up during the peak hours of the day our electrical grid would be pummeled yet in my limited understanding of our electrical grid electrical recharging of americas potential mass of proposed electrical vehicles would not impose a hardship to destroy our grid if charged overnight.

            i do believe americas electrical grid is in desperate need of an update but more for terrorist or enemy attacks on our country more so than electrical vehicles.

            what california government has done with regards to power shutdowns has more to do with their political statements or fire concerns than inability to produce electricity.

            Im just shocked President Mark Ruess states 10 years and yet GM has 2 years until 20 GM EV models hit the showrooms.

            that sounds confusing.

            i just did the calculations from a monetary standpoint and the savings are minimal.

            this one gentleman was driving 32k miles a year and his monthly savings over a gasoline vehicle getting 25 mpg was a meager 520 dollars a month.

            The mileage he drives is high compared to many of us. Id suggest almost triple the average of 12K a the savings should be divided by three...or close to it...

            ends up being a ridiculous savings of only around 170 dollars a month which is very little considering the extra cost to purchase an electric vehicle.

            i would state the smooth quiet instant tq without gear shifting quite a some of the higher performance ev vehicles.

            there is quite a lot of disappointing truth to the statement electric vehicles no matter how quick are soulless...

            so in many ways you my friends are correct...electrics are not fun...just efficient

            Mr Reuss statements are still confusing

            why is GM bringing out 20 EV models in 2022?
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              JB , Tesla offers a 70KWH 85KWH and 90 KWH battery in their vehicles. Please understand that 1KWH is equal to running 10 - 100watt light bulbs for 1 hour. Now multiply that by 70 = 7000 one hundred watt light bulbs running for 1 hour. Imagine one city block of only 30 homes charging their car. 210,000 one hundred watt light bulbs running for 1 hour. The consequences with that alone not even considering electric washers, dryers, central air, electric heat, ovens, lights, TV, etc added into that equation would be devastating.

              Also the average to charge a 70 KWH battery is approx. $14 depending on which part of the country you live in. So to make up the cost of the initial expense of the electric vehicle and what it actually costs to charge it , your not saving anything.
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                Electrics are so absolutely soul less. Like driving a golf cart.


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                  Originally posted by FN in MT View Post
                  Electrics are so absolutely soul less. Like driving a golf cart.
                  Surprisingly enough porsche is rumored to electrify the next generation boxster and cayman.

                  I believe porsche will make the next gen boxster and cayman full ev s exciting to drive..or at least we can hope.

                  porsche has a great reputation for driver involvement as you can certainly attest to..

                  (if any corporation can do it...porsche can lead the way for sports cars.


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                    Looks like GM is stepping up to bat and definitely going to take some of Porsche's market share with this new Stingray platform.
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                      Originally posted by FN in MT View Post
                      Electrics are so absolutely soul less. Like driving a golf cart.
                      A golf cart with ludicrous mode...

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                        Smart grid technologies will help to mitigate demand fluctuations and home PV generation will be a factor as well. I have a smallish 3.5kw PV array on my workshop that I plan to significantly expand. I built this PV system as an experiment, and while 3.5kw is small, that’s 3.5kw that I’m not pulling from the grid.

                        Tesla is making roof shingles with integrated PV panels. They are in limited production at this time, but are another example of a disruptive technology
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