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Musks gone insane but its cool the tesla pickup reveal video

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    Originally posted by Njfisherman View Post
    I'll keep my Silverado, Thank You
    And THAT is the kicker, right?

    Presentation he pointed out trucks are what, the top 3 selling vehicles in the US or something? Well IMHO good luck getting good ol' boys who drive trucks to switch over to that Blade Runner-looking ELECTRIC truck.

    Having said that, I own a F-150 and I think I'd buy the hell out of that new Tesla.


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      Ugly as sin. It will sell bigly at first because there's a built in audience of Tesla cult members who won't buy anything else. After that demand is filled, I think sales will fall through the floor.

      Stainless steel? Remember how ugly DeLoreans looked after a couple of years outdoors? That sledge hammer looked like it was plastic covered, if not completely plastic. I'm not convinced.

      And they managed to break that "bullet proof" class with a ball during the reveal.
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        Not a fan. Ugly as sin and still an electric vehicle that has limited range and can’t be charged everywhere.
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          Haven’t decided whether i love it, but for 100 bucks I went ahead and reserved the triple motor version.


          • #20
            I think this truck will be popular with the 35/under crowd. I hate the styling, my son loves it. But I have the money to buy one and he doesn’t... and that’s where I think Elon missed the mark.

            i read Elon staring that the reason for its angular design is because it’s difficult to stamp steel. Okay, but who added the requirements for bullet proof? I don’t plan to drive places where I’m likely to get shot at. TSLA was down 6.1% at Friday close so the street didn’t think much of the truck either. I was very excited for this truck and remain long on the company as an investor, but I will be keeping my Silverado.
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            • #21
              i realize this truck polarizes half the public yet in one of the most competitive market segments this vehicle will stand out.

              this is a blade runner movie prop type concept for sale at 40 grand, 50 grand (sweet spot) and the crazy 70 grand which has the capability of 500 miles of range, 14000 towing and zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds...

              50 grand offers 350 to 400 mile range, 4.5 to sixty and excellent towing ...

              i believe it looks so different....its a sales hit unit wise for tesla compared to model x or model s unit sales..(not competitive with f150 unit sales)

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              • #22
                It looks half finished...

                It's ugly as sin...

                It can sit outside, and if you take the ipad inside nothing will deteriorate...

                Everyone needs a pickup in the family...

                The truck bed and cover are really cool...

                The loading ramp is a great idea...

                Along with 200,000 of my nearest and dearest I put $100 down!
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                  You have got to be kidding me. When poor Musk gets this to production and realizes what the true manufacturing costs are the truck will be going up significantly in price and after the initial Tesla cult is satisified it's sales will wither and die. Got to love the glass breaking during the demo.


                  • #24
                    200,000 preorders at the 40k,50k and 70 grand pickup..

                    no paint shop needed ..who knows how tesla figured out their pricing...

                    200k preorders is very impressive.

                    people want bold statements in their vehicles as shown with 200k preorders.

                    i think its awesome.
                    Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 2LT or 1LT depending on when i get the call..Ill flip a coin at that moment..same for E60


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                      Originally posted by Mobius View Post
                      "50 Cal Desert Eagle proof" is my requirement...
                      This photo proves it will meet your requirements. Click image for larger version

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                        I saw this on Instagram from onlinecarshow. I thought it was a very good insinuation.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Hehe that was funny and in many ways probably does have merit with regards to Mister Musk.

                          at the same time its a bold statement eschewing the status quo and for that it does garner my respect and peak my interest.

                          supposedly with 200000 reservations in the first week... and with many mote to come...some will of course drop off...

                          worth a laugh and pushes the envelope. Pushes the entire industry and thats a good thing.

                          Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 2LT or 1LT depending on when i get the call..Ill flip a coin at that moment..same for E60


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                            The electric Tesla truck can't hold a candle to "THOR24". Two V12 Detroit Diesel engines equipped with 12 superchargers that put out a combined 3,974 hp. Thor24 sends the power to the wheels through a four-speed manual transmission and can hit a top speed of 130 mph. Four drag racing parachutes are installed on the rear bumper to help slow the 30,000-pound behemoth down from such speeds.

                            Who gonna win the "tug of war" now???

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	thor3.jpg?ve=1&amp;tl=1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	342.6 KB ID:	92774

                            With a carbon footprint the size of the sun, Thor24 creates its own atmosphere!
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