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Musks gone insane but its cool the tesla pickup reveal video

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  • Musks gone insane but its cool the tesla pickup reveal video

    you have to check this insane looking elcamino thing from the future out..
    hate it and it will sell great.
    Love it and it will sell great.
    Hate it and no one will buy it.
    Love it but no one will buy it.

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    4.48 wont scratch or dent even with a sledge hammer..nine mm bullet proof


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      Got to give crazy elon credit...its like no other pickup in the market...


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        Up to 500 miles range........ starts at $39 grand and is freaken bulletproof...

        this guy is nuts but its insane...

        im not a pickup truck buyer but this is wild..


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          FUll photos that you should see how crazy this scifi truck is in various angles...

          zero to sixty in 2.9 seconds in top trim...

          14000 tow capability.

          3500 cargo capability.

          bed cover, camping , im not even into pickup trucks yet Im finding this totally cool but crazy...

          read this and see the various photos...


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            Only comes in silver as the body is stainless painting but it can be wrapped...

            blade runner crazy

            its huge ..

            if it sells I hope musk does a much smaller version...

            this is what the model Y should have looked like. I would have bought it...

            this thing is hysterical.

            i love it. Its insane.


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              All the celebrities will buy this for its bulletproof nature ...not to mention its sci fi future looks.


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                I'll keep my Silverado, Thank You


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                  Looks like a pickup version of the Delorean.


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                    Looks like something I drew on my notebook in 3rd grade


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                      I want that electric ATV!
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                        Pity the "fool" who crashes a lesser vehicle against one of Tesla's pickups. How will the crumble zones work?


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                          Originally posted by JB View Post
                          4.48 wont scratch or dent even with a sledge hammer..nine mm bullet proof
                          "50 Cal Desert Eagle proof" is my requirement...
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                            Insanity at its finest ...

                            got to admire his [email protected]

                            i love this this thing..

                            bullet proof and zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds with a range of 250 mikes for the base 40 grand model and 500 miles for the 70 grand model...

                            there is one in the middle too..

                            I want to see a hummer by GMC be built in that wild format...

                            the no paint stainless body thats an exoskeleton for rigidity is quite a paradigm shift..

                            anytime someone thinks so far out of the box have to laugh, give them credit and wish them the best...

                            it often generates failure but once in awhile it creates great success...

                            i actually wish GM would create such insanity for a hot rod much smaller version about the size of a porsche macan for the same price as these pickup teslas...

                            id seriously have one in addition to my corvette sports car...

                            sci fi hysterical looking sand racer with four doors and a truck..

                            no committee ...just insanity to bring to production would set the world on fire.


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                              Make a reservation for the cybertruck ...

                              its a $100 reservation at

                              i think making the reservation for a hundred dollars makes sense if you like pickup trucks..