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Analyst in auto sector fear at least a month long UAW strike on GM says

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  • Analyst in auto sector fear at least a month long UAW strike on GM says
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    Thanks for posting JB, the bit is at 5.35 to save time if you’re not interested in watching the entire episode. Interesting blog or show, I have never seen it before.
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      Thanks JB- Scary for GM. Wonder if they are able to set up their own Engine Block Plant?
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        Can or cannot the Tonawanda, NY plant make up for any engine block shortfall?


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          The strike won't be against the engine plant. That's a different story. This article says they'll strike first against the SUV plant in Arlington, TX. And if it goes on long enough, they'll strike against other plants. The union will pick those plants which will have the biggest impact on GM, and BG is probably a pretty bit hit for GM if it shuts down.
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            Hopefully the uaw and the workers can focus on profit sharing to increase compensation to workers.

            if GM does well the workers should benefit. If the downturn merryl lynch auto analysts are predicting for 2021/2022 comes true and the auto sector in the USA drops from 16.4 million per year to 13. Million units as projected by the auto analysts then all auto sector employees need to share in the pain a dramatic downturn can present.

            i dont fault the uaw workers and at the same time you can not fault GM officers for preparing for a dramatic downturn.

            hopefully if the strike does occur it can be resolved quickly.

            Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT