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Corvette Today With Bloomington Gold’s Guy Larsen

On this CORVETTE TODAY podcast, Steve Garrett sits down with Bloomington Gold owner and president Guy Larsen to talk about what happens at a Bloomington Gold event.  Find out why it's so much fun to attend!
You'll learn how to get your car judged and certified at Bloomington Gold, Find out what there is to do at this huge Corvette event. And, if you would like to become a judge for Bloomington Gold, you'll hear about that process too.  You don't have to have your Corvette judged at Bloomington Gold to have fun at this event.
Put this Corvette show on your calendar for 2021-find out why by listening to this episode of CORVETTE TODAY.
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Welcome To C8Grill Our New Featured Vendor

We are glad to have a wonderful new vendor @ If you met up with at their place, free installation. And still a secret, sssh, but they are working on another new product that I believe many of you would want coming out fairly soon. WELCOME C8GRILL!
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Official C8 Owners Manual, Build and Price, Visualizer, Pricing, and Ordering Information

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New Caddy CT-5 GORGEOUS Coupe Coming?

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  • New Caddy CT-5 GORGEOUS Coupe Coming?

    GM just patented a stunning CT-5 coupe — or at least that what many are thinking. I have a crush on the rear quarter view!

    [Quote=GM Authority] New Cadillac Coupe Shows Up In New Patent Drawings

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    A new set of rendered photos sourced from a General Motors design patent with the USPTO appear to show a future Cadillac Coupe.

    As first reported by our sister site, Cadillac Society, the design patent in question (patent number D821,923) was applied for by GM’s technology subsidiary on February 14th, 2017 and then granted on July 3rd, 2018. The patent does not mention Cadillac specifically, but there is no mistaking the renderings contained therein as anything but a two-door Cadillac coupe.

    Cadillac CT5 Coupe Design Patent - July 2018 001

    Official patent documents list Jaehoon Lee of Prahran, Australia as the inventor. A search on LinkedIn shows a Jae Hoon Lee being employed by General Motors in Melbourne, Australia as a Creative Designer. Mr. Lee previously worked at GM Korea, according to the profile.

    Cadillac CT5 Coupe Design Patent - July 2018 002

    Thank you GM Authority!
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    OK, have to tell my funny Caddy story here. My step father was a HUGE fan of Cadillac and would buy new every 2 years. I believe the last one he had was an XTS. Sadly he passed away a couple of years ago and since my mother doesn't drive, she had no idea what to do with the car. My sister was all gung ho about buying it from her.. for a significant discount of course, Picture my sister as the tanning queen that lives in Tampa and usually drives small Japanese imports now wanting this XTS. That didn't fly with his sons who were then all fighting for it causing my mom to sell it back to the dealer and distribute the payment to his sons evenly. Needless to say, every time there is a Cadillac commercial on, we all think of "Aunt Michelle" and how close she came to a deal of a lifetime Cadillac.


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      It looks great, maybe I'll replace my ATS with one if it comes to reality. However, the obvious question this post prompts is: "Where is the equivalent filing for the mid-engine Corvette?" WOuldn't there be a design patent for that?
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        German, that would be located in the classified patent section.


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      Agreed German. Inquiring minds want to know.
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        Link to the CT5 -
        Rocket City Florida