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wacky Doug Demuro does new video on RME Lotus 400

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  • wacky Doug Demuro does new video on RME Lotus 400

    interesting how the lotus team gets rear jump seats in the lotus....who knew they are shown to be velco’d in?

    this could be the same design uses to recreate a low volume 7 th gen camaro at bowling green in 2023? (Kidding)

    i believe ferrari and lamborghini tried in the 1970s 2 plus 2 v8 rear mid engine sports cars..

    the 308 gt and the lamborghini uracco..

    they ranged with 2.0 liter v8 s in italy to beat tax laws to around 200 hp 3 liter v8 s ..

    for years their values they are popping up...

    toyota powerplant in the evora makes sense and the supercharger does add strong power...

    quicker than a cayman s as stated in the video..l

    massive discounts on new...,massive depreciation on preowned..

    high insurance as getting parts can be as challenging as owning a tesla model 3 in need of parts.

    i just broke my aluminum radiator support and Im annoyed I have ti wait until monday for them to get the part...thats one working day with a loaner car...over a weekend..

    own a lotusnand get in a similiar situation and this bolt on part could take months to get if you even can...

    thats a hard pass on the cool lotus

    still enjoy the video
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    Those little Lotuses are really cool little cars. Not like the old ones. The Toyota motors make them more reliable.