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CORVETTE TODAY #80 - Meet Famed Corvette Race Car Driver, Andy Pilgrim

If you're a fan of Corvette Racing, you'll absolutely love this podcast! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, sits down with famed Corvette Racing driver, Andy Pilgrim, to discuss his illustrious career. Andy takes you back to his days in Great Britain, where he started racing motorcycles. He tells you how he got to the United States and how he got invited to be a part of the Corvette Racing team. Pilgrim talks about his 20+ years racing, his time at Le Mans and much more.

Also find out what andy is doing today along with his association with the National Corvette Museum and the Motorsports Park.
It's an fascinating listen about one of the drivers who helped kick on Corvette Racing on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast!

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The Official GM Z06 Press Release Will Be Here Tuesday @ 12:01 Pm (ET)

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  • New Supra

    i just watched a segment on Motorweek and they had a favorable opinion of it. It looked better to me in a video than it has in photos. They did say it was cramped for anyone over six feet.
    Seems a little under powered to me but who knows how it will sell.
    There is a madness to my method!

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    The tests are showing acceleration to sixty mph is 3.9 seconds...

    thats fast...of course toyota might have placed ringers in the journalists hands..

    with turbos its easy to do...its pretty much a “preproduction tune”

    i dont think toyota would do this as if they were found out all hell would break loose.

    i saw a wrapped 2020 supra and the details like the weird tailights etc protruding outward were not to my taste...

    id pass on this vehilcle but then i was never a supra fan even during the height of its popularity..

    should sell quite well though...50 or 55 grand is a great price for a toyota bmw joint vehicle...

    i like taking roofs off so even if it were stunning looking i wouldnt buy one...

    just not my taste ...but its definitely unique and for that I also give toyota credit.

    the showcar ft1 was better looking.


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      Not my taste BUT, you can not beat a Toyota/Lexus for reliability. It is a great little car for the money and certainly fast enough. I do drive a Lexus for my everyday Luxury car. But a Toyota for a Sports car?? NO.


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        Having seen one in person, I agree it is better looking than in the pictures we earlier saw, but even in person, IMO, a “no thanks” as to its looks. There are several angles looking at the car that are to me close to grotesque, while others are okay to good looking. It just tries tries to cram too many disparate shapes into it. Many will still like it and happy motoring to them.
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