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Tracy Morgan's Crashes His New $2M Bugatti Veyron Moments After Purchase

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  • Tracy Morgan's Crashes His New $2M Bugatti Veyron Moments After Purchase

    Actor/Comedian Tracy Morgan crashes his $2 mil Bugatti 30 minutes after purchase blocks from the dealership. Looks like the Honda was at fault and crashed into him. I like the quote from the attached article:

    "Can you imagine being the CR-V driver making the insurance phone call after crashing into a $2M hypercar?"

    Sounds like the Honda driver has a phone handy. Hope she tells her insurance company that she was on the phone when she hit the Bugatti as witnesses at the scene reported.

    Tough day. Oh well. Its just a car.

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    Ouch. Poor woman is going to be playing for that for a long time. At least this is another good example on why you shouldn't use your phone while driving.


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      No sympathies for her from my camp. The "minor" damage they have reported on the Veyron will probably still be more than her car is worth even with it being a 2012. Another person in an SUV that either can't drive it because of it's size or just doesn't care. Same thing happened to me a number of years ago where I was making a right turn at an intersection and the lady in the SUV to my left decided she wanted to turn right too... right into the rear drivers side door of my TL.

      Tracy won't get the 90 million dollar settlement he got from his walmart truck accident on this one.


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        Originally posted by Fireeagle View Post
        Tracy won't get the 90 million dollar settlement he got from his walmart truck accident on this one.
        Yea, He seems to have bad luck on the road. Especially the truck "accident" where he was a passenger in a limousine slammed by an inattentive/fatigued tractor trailer driver who was going 65 in a 45 mile zone and had not slept for 28 hours. Morgan was left in a coma for two weeks and suffered a broken leg, broken ribs and head injuries. He almost died and his best friend did.

        Click image for larger version

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          Way back when I was in college, I had a friend with a $50 dollar early 1950s Plymouth that was so rough that he painted it black with a house painting brush. And his tires were balder than Yul Brenner. One rainy night, we are driving through an intersection, doing about 40 in s 25 zone, and a woman driving the other way in a brand new Oldsmobile station wagon turns in front of his car. My friend slams on his brakes, which on the bald tires, puts his old jalopy into a skid, and he hits the front of the Oldsmobile.

          The woman driving the other car is livid. "This car is only a week old!!" she says. With that, my friend says "Now lady, calm down. Look, my car is damaged more than yours." And that sends her a quantum level higher in anger.

          I had to walk to a neutral corner to suppress my laughter.

          Sounds like the same economic disparity of a Honda hitting a brand new Bugatti.
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            It’s a jungle out there!
            Poor Tracy......loved him in Copout!
            I’m goin’ driving 👍


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              It’s a 2012


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                In fairness, Tracey didn't really crash it. The dummy in the Honda did.

                Originally posted by Shrike6 View Post
                It’s a 2012
                Oh, well, hardly worth anything, then.
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                  Originally posted by meyerweb View Post
                  Oh, well, hardly worth anything, then.
                  2012 Honda doesn't look too damaged anyway. No need to get it repaired, especially if she uses the phone while trying to drive the congested streets of Manhattan. It'll happen again. She probably uses her Honda for trips to the city and keeps her own Bugatti parked safely in her garage in Jersey.