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“Blackwing” Becoming Caddy’s Top Performance Line?

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  • “Blackwing” Becoming Caddy’s Top Performance Line?

    Might the V series become the middle Cadillac performance level, with the “Blackwing” become the most powerful line of Cadillac’s models?

    Originally posted by Motor1
    Report: Blackwing Could Replace V As Cadillac's High-Performance Brand

    A new report from Muscle Cars And Truckssuggests the V-Series cars will take the place of the former (and short-lived) V-Sport line, which bridged the gap between standard models and the big-horsepower monsters. That would leave room for a new top-dog Caddy, and that role could be filled by a new Blackwing line. Yes, according to this report, Blackwing will be more than just a high-performance engine, though it’s all completely unofficial at this point.

    There’s good evidence to support this line of thought. The report mentions GM President Mark Reuss talking at the reveal of the CT4-V about Cadillac having two versions of the V-Series. The V-Sport is gone, and with Cadillac proclaiming the CT4-V and CT5-V (which also debuted at the same event last week) as full-on V-Series cars, there’s considerable room to bring in another top-tier brand. We know Cadillac has its fancy Blackwing twin-turbo V8 that already does duty in the now-canceled CT6-V, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the branding become the new top-tier performance moniker in Cadillac’s portfolio.

    For much more on that line of thinking, and with thanks to Motor1:
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    Like I've said before, they need to have these Vs with the Blackwing configured for all weather driving not just summer only. Having these cars restricted to the summer only constraints such as don't driver under 40F is impractical for a "family" sedan. If they can make it AS, I am a buyer. If no then I'm not.

    Its not just a matter of swapping the OEM tires with AS tires like we can do with our C7s, the car is configured for summer only use.


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      I was thinking Cadillac was moving in the right direction with the V - Series, The CTS-V with 640 HP is a great car but my personal opinion is they are going in the wrong direction with the CT5. I for one am not impressed. The styling has some cues of the ATS but surely is lacking in styling as a modern sedan. (CT-5 pictured below) 355 HP.
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        And what is their thinking of axing the 2 door models? Below 2nd gen CTS-V Coupe. 556 Horsepower
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          This is the 3RD Gen CTS-V with 640 HP Sedan Only. And Now they are going to bring on the CT5 with a whopping 355 HP. What are they thinking???? All I can sayis if they are going to put that Blackwing Engine in the CT-5 they had better have Chazcron and FVS and Bdsvavars work their magic with some serious styling enhancements. Or they might as well scrap their valuable Blackwing Engine.
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