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National Corvette Caravan

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  • National Corvette Caravan

    To answer many of the questions being raised, and to have it always readily available, this thread is stickied. Typically 5,000 Corvettes are in the Caravan. Key Caravan information:

    Registration ends on July 11th. To register:

    If you are wanting to go on the Caravan, you must also separately/additional register for a regional Caravan (same link as above). You many join any Caravan you wish (need not be the one that departs from or goes through your home state).

    At the end of the Caravan, immediately will start the 25th NCM Anniversary Celebration. If registered for the national and a region Caravan, you do NOT need to register for this event, but if you are ONLY going to NCM for that August 29th-August 31st event (not on a Caravan), you must register for the 25th Event.

    We know a C8 (or maybe two) will be at the NCM 25th, as will be a GM “mini dealership showroom” pop-up tent re the C8, with “even a build your own” C8 kiosk. There will also be a large number of top Corvette team staff to make C8 presentations, conduct a ME walk around, answer questions, and probably also be some major “car parts,” e.g., different C8 seats, maybe wheel choices, etc.

    We do not yet have any information as to whether there would be any BGA plant tours during the 25th Event.

    Almost all of the regional caravans have a FB site.

    If you wish any specific information on the Pacific Northwest Caravan (I am a Co-Captain), I will post some more detailed info soon, but at any time feel free to post here or PM me. And/or visit the PNW FB site:

    Thank you.
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