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New Steel Challenges Aluminum For Car Panel Composition

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  • New Steel Challenges Aluminum For Car Panel Composition

    How about a new steel developed my Nippon Steel which is 30% lighter, challenges the automotive industry’s move to aluminum for car bodies/panels?

    Or if it is improved even more to being 50%, which is currently being worked on and preliminary shows potential, might make the more expensive aluminum body panel transition actually become reversed?

    Click image for larger version

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    Originally posted by Bloomberg
    The Reinvention of Steel Could Make Car Bodies 30% Lighter

    By Masumi Suga, May 30, 2019

    Nippon Steel last April opened a research department to come up with tricks for making car parts lighter, using super-advanced grades of the material it’s been smelting for 118 years. In January, the firm unveiled the results of the new approach: an all-steel car body, built in-house, which it says cuts weight by 30 percent, putting it on par with aluminum.
    Thanks to Bloomberg for this article; for more:
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    That’s neat but wonder how it will affect the U.S. steel industry.
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