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2020 McLaren GT ... C8 Killer?

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    Thanks Mobius. My replacement battery at three years (preventative) for our C7 Z06 was $149 installed, but nothing on repairs over 3 years except two warranted items (a broken spark plug “C” clip and a replaced hood liner due to it initially having a white spot, latter discovered and replaced during PDI).

    Fasttoys was talking about $8,000 shock repairs on his Audi R8.

    Sometimes very advantageous to own a “Cheby.”
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      Originally posted by tooold2race View Post
      Once you option up the C8 the price gap will close big time..... I guess I'm one of the few that would rather see a 'high end' ME C8 rather than a 'bargain basement' model full of compromises that will support the motoring press comments regarding 'bang for the buck'. Isn't it time for Corvette to truly step up and stand with the 'big boys' rather than just imitate 'em, albeit with low end detailing??? Don't get me wrong. I still intend to put a C8 'vert' in my garage as soon as I can get one but it clearly will not rival the Ferrari or Aston Martin nor will it be intended to.
      While I'm sure some will feel the way you do, I think the vast majority of Corvette owners and would be owners would prefer a car they can actually afford to buy, drive and insure. A Corvette that is priced like a McLaren will sell in McLaren like numbers. E.g., not very many. That isn't GM's business model. A C8 that sells only a couple of thousand cars a year, or fewer, will be the last Corvette ever made.

      If you want a car that "really competes" with a Ferrari or Aston Martin, buy a McLaren or a Lamborghini. Or a Ferrari or Aston.
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        This car really has some nice lines, in many ways it looks nicer than a lot of the other Mclarens. Maybe it's the lack of scoops around the headlights, but the lines go together very well. Not a big fan of the side scoop treatment, hope the C8 is better. I like the rocker treatment too. True it costs a ton and the maintenance will also be high, but that just goes with the territory on these. I've been tempted many times to get a Mclaren, I guess I'm just too locked in on the Corvette. As much as it would be great to have one of these, the C8 is what I really want to get and drive daily. I also suspect luggage space will not be an issue for the C8.


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          Would they allow me on the National Corvette Caravan with my McLaren GT? Maybe if I rebadge it and would then some think it is the C8?
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            Originally posted by P-Tree View Post

            Unfortunately, it's a public speaking exercise, so not much to share. Just a slide deck with 20 slides, hardly any text, mostly pictures. Everything else is in the 'ol nogging. But, going over quick history of the Corvette, and then the C8 and the departure from historical norms. Introducing Zora and the fact he wanted to go mid-engine in the 60s. Showing some of the mid-concepts throughout the years. Talking about the benefits of the mid-engine layout. Getting into the C8 developmental cycle. Moving on to competitors, concept of a "Halo Car" (see Audi's success with the R8), and comparative price points for the C8 compared to the competition. While not a widely used metric, I used $ per horsepower. C8 is substantially lower $/hp than any other mid-engine vehicle on sale today. Ending with discussion of current success of C7 (see #2 / #10/ #19 spot overall in Car&Driver's Lightning Lap) and how I believe that it will be a halo car for Chevy, as well as show that the US can compete in the mid-engine market.
            Great. I am sure your presentation was fantastic.