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2019 Camaro gets less milage

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  • 2019 Camaro gets less milage
    That seems really weird.
    There is a madness to my method!

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    Maybe its the aerodynamics of that front facia?

    sorry but not really a fan...

    of all the areas that could have been altered the front grill area wasnt one that i personally thought needed updating.

    in my opinion you ll notice the convertible version is pretty slick in sideview..

    the hardtop version and three quarter rear view while retro cool has been around along time...

    that was the dating aspect of the design...IMO

    gm would do well to pattern the 7 th gen camaro on the same alpha platform and just follow the styling language of the ferrari portifino as the corvette goes rear mid engine in the 8 th generation of the american icon...

    there is actually historic evidence that the early styling reviews of the 1970 1/2 camaro split bumper design was heavily inflienced by the italian designs of the time.

    the 2nd gen camaro was heralded as a styling masterpiece...

    there is a good case not for a mimicing of that specific design but rather the idea that gm styling team lean heavily on the influence of italian designers of today.

    i couldnt think of a more beauiful vehicle to “borrow”styling themes from than the ferrari portifino.

    ford almost with its 6 th gen mustang went with the aston martin influence of the ford Evos concept but inthe emd chickened out and stayed more closely to current ford mustang design language...

    that conservative styling natire served ford well as the mustang in its sixth generation has continued to sell quite well.

    pricing has been held firmer on the camaro in this generation and unit sales have taken a hit.

    id suggest gm stylist would be well served to stray a little further, stretch a little further...

    as far as current styling of the mid cycle refresh of the camaro....?

    in some instances it looks pretty good but im not a fan...

    i believe as costly as it might have been ..,that c pillar needed the work...not the front facia...

    and for the love of god..get rid of that rear spoiler...

    the base v6 has a better styled spoiler as does the 1lE v8...

    again..jmo fuel economy? Nobody buying this camaro cares that much...

    its all about the style

    at least the zl1 front facia was spared,



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      The 2019 Camaro front end fascia re-styling has been mightily panned by many. I personally am not in love with it, but not as apposed to it as many are on camaro5 forum.

      As asked elsewhere, how come GM is not putting any buying incentives on the Camaro, for it is not doing well against the Mustang right now? I think that is a ponderable question.
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        I believe gm is on a path of less incentives to better hold residual values...

        incentives brutalize residual values.

        being able to hold the line on pricing does make the profit per vehicle a more important aspect than chasing unit sales comparisions...

        the dodge challenger espeically is running ridiculous lease deals...

        their unit sales are screaming...and since they have no legacy costs associated with the challenger its pretty easy to do...

        as noted ford certainly does offer greater incentives on the mustang than chevy has done with the camaro..

        gm is saving its incentive share for high volume pieces like the cruze...

        they are giving that sucker away...

        an old childhood friend leased two at one time,,,one for his girlfriend and one for her daughter..

        if i remember correctly he is paying for nicely equipped vehicles they cost a hundred and fifty a month each for 36 months...30k miles zero down...not even tax or tags up front.,,

        that little cruze is a give away...same for the little buick encore...

        over at i sometimes see that little trucklet at zero down 135 a month for 36 months...

        thats like a cell phone bill for the use of a car for 36 months..

        no incentives left over for the camaro id imagine..(kidding)


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          I'm not a fan of the restyle. If I were in the market for a Camaro, I'd try to get a leftover of the previous one, still new on a dealer lot.


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            Originally posted by OnPoint View Post
            I'm not a fan of the restyle. If I were in the market for a Camaro, I'd try to get a leftover of the previous one, still new on a dealer lot.
            I agree. That’s why I went ahead and bought an 2018 pickup, didn’t like pics I’d seen of 19’s and didn’t want to be guinea pig for the new afm system.
            There is a madness to my method!

            2015 Z06 Torch/adrenaline
            2001 coupe Torch/oak R8C
            79 coupe Silver/oyster
            All one owner
            Museum lifetime members