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Cadillac Sales and Profit Grows Nicely

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  • Cadillac Sales and Profit Grows Nicely

    Cadillac sales continue to grow nicely, as does its profit, with a new Cadillac going to be revealed every six months for the next three years.

    [Quote=GMAUTHORITY]Cadillac Looks To Double Cadillac Sales and Profit Over the Next Four Years (By GM Authority Staff) — AUG 5, 2018

    General Motors Company has high expectations for its Cadillac luxury division. During a recent presentation to investment bankers and analysts at the Deutsche Bank Automotive Conference, GM revealed that it expects a two-fold increase in sales volume and profits associated with its luxury Cadillac brand over the next four years.

    The findings were first uncovered in a recent report from Cadillac enthusiast site Cadillac Society. Current Momentum

    Over the past three years, Cadillac has managed to increase its global sales volume by 35 percent. Though impressive, the results serve as a catalyst for even more impactful and significant growth. GM 2018 Deutsche Bank Global Automotive Conference Presentation - Cadillac Slide 46 - GMA Volume Growth

    General Motors estimates that global Cadillac sales volume will increase 100 percent by 2021. During the Deutsche Bank presentation, GM executive vice president and CFO Chuck Stevens stated the growth in Cadillac sales volume will take place in both North American and in China. The expansion will be driven by the upcoming Cadillac CT5sedan, the recently-unveiled Cadillac XT4 crossover, and an all-new large three-row crossover that will likely be called Cadillac XT6.

    Cadillac’s product offensive entails the launch of on new vehicle every six months through 2021. Once all is said and done, GM’s luxury brand will have introduced five vehicle lines. The push starts with the 2019 Cadillac XT, which will launch in the fall of 2018 in the United States and at the end of August in China. It will serve as the first step in the product push. It is expected to be followed by the 2020 Cadillac CT5 sedan that will replace the ATS and CTS lines.
    2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport exterior - 2018 New York Auto Show live 001

    Profit Growth

    Furthermore, Stevens stated that GM expects the two-fold increase in Cadillac sales volume to deliver a 100 percent increase in Cadillac profit by 2021.

    We should note that General Motors has not provided actual dollar figures associated with Cadillac’s current or forecasted earnings, but the firm has previously announced plans to break out the automaker’s fiscal performance in the future.

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      I love the Caddy products as of recently. I have a CTS-V Coupe 556 HP V8 as well as a ATS 321HP V-6 Was wanting the new CTS-V with 640 HP but loaded up over the $100K mark and do not like the 4 door sedan. The 640HP CTS-V isn't offered in a Coupe. WHY? I guess they think people want to Strap Your Whole Family In and then Unleash the 640 Horsepower. LOL The XT4 is a great idea but only offered with the 2 liter which I feel is a mistake as the market is saturated with 2 liter SUV's already and they are too late to the party. If it were offered with the Twin Turbo 3.6 I would buy one. Part of their problem is they keep changing Letters like ATS, CTS, XTS , XT4, XLR, CT6, CT5, SRX, XT6. How Confusing and I follow all of the Caddys. I love the 3.6 tried and true engine, but they have never gotten the rough idle out of it after all of these years. It still haunts all of the ATS, ATS-V, CTS, XTS, SRX CTS-Vsport, XTS-V Sport models with the 3.6 engines. What ever happened to giving the cars names? Are they cutting costs on the emblems? Oh I almost forgot, because all the letters are making me Nuts. Now they are replacing the ATS and CTS and turning them both into the CT5. Somebody needs to lay off the MEDS. LOL
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