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JD Power APEAL Study Results

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  • JD Power APEAL Study Results

    In the just published JD Power APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Study, the GM news was mixed. Cadillac finished sixth within the speciality brands. While being the highest of the “mass market” brands, Chevrolet (# 11 overall), still has more work to do.

    The study looks at 10 categories in particular: driving dynamics, visibility and safety, engine/transmission, audio/communication/entertainment/navigation, seats, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, exterior, interior, storage and space, and fuel economy. Each category is assigned a point value, which ultimately tallies to give J.D. Power final scores.

    Chevrolet is however ahead of all the rest of the OEM companies in the “mass market” category.

    Genesis was ranked # 1 of the speciality brands, beating out Porsche. In descending order were, behind those two, MB, Volvo, Audi, Cadillac, Land Rover, Lexus, Infiniti and Jaguar, and then Chevrolet. GMC was immediately behind Chevrolet in 12th (second in mass market brands), though Buick was only 23rd (guessing it was it relative lack of appeal rating that hurt Buick — for it scores well on other JD Power, Consumers Reports, etc., evaluation studies.

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