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Kerbeck Corvettes has been the # 1 Corvette sales dealership since 1994. We are fortunate and excited that they have joined our MECF family.
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Stay Tuned As Chazcron Works On His Latest Project, The ME IP/Dashboard! Not New, But 48 Wonderful High Resolution C8 Pictures

Stay Tuned As Chazcron Works On His Latest Project, The ME IP/Dashboard! Also, High Resolution C8 Pictures!


48 High Resolution C8 Pictures:

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We have scheduled software maintenance and upgrades Tuesday (19th) @ 8:00 PM. While vBulletin always say not more than an hour, they have averaged 10 minutes in length. Thank you — as we continually are committed to having the best forum software available.
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Welcome Corvette Dream Giveway As Our Forum Founding Vendor!

We welcome an outstanding organization as a MECF vendor, one who has an amazing and such a.well deserved reputation for giving away staggering amounts of funds to very worthy organizations who help others.
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VW Delays Golf Reveal Several Months

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  • VW Delays Golf Reveal Several Months

    Even after a formal corporate announcement that the Golf would be revealed this September, whoops, they just announced that they are delaying its several four months. Guess another OEM decided to be smart, not rush to market when they still had some technical issues to resolve.

    However, this delay is different in that the OEM had earlier made a formal announcment as to when the reveal would take place (quite a different story than about the C8.

    Originally posted by Motor1
    VW has admitted they’ve encountered some technical issues with the car, but without confirming Auto Bild’s report about this problem being at the root of the Golf’s delay.

    So many questions about the ME right now, but the answers are nicely, though slowly, coming out.

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