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Improved rear view camera in Cadillac XT4

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  • Improved rear view camera in Cadillac XT4

    Doug spends the first few minutes of the video taking about the new XT4 and it's cameras. Plus a revised approach to controls and infotainment.

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    I really love Doug's videos. It's certainly possible that some of the newer GM tech in this vehicle will find its way into our C8s.
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      I like that interior upholstery color, that would be a good C8 choice.
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        Wish they would have put a 3.6 in it. What were they thinking. There are plenty of 2.0T vehicles for half the price. I wouldn't pay 20K for a camera mirror and pushbuttons. And syncing the phone bit is nice but how often do you sync your phone? Once. Big Deal.
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          Thanks Bikerjulio for posting the video. I too like its interior “Kalahari cousin” color. Maybe we see it in the C8? If so, I would pick it to go with our LBR.
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            I ould like to see the 310 hp turbo 2.7 liter four as the base motor.

            im tired of the 3.6 liter v6. Quite frankly it was an unremarkable engine in my 304 hp v6 cts fe2.

            backin 2008 when revealed I was imoressed but a decade on im less than thrilled. Nothing wrong with it but the 2 liter turbo four in my stelvio ti sport makes for a quicker vehicle at about the same weight. Its all in the 306 lb/ft and torque curve...of the turbo four in the alfa compared to much less torque in the [email protected] a second slower for the cadilac cts 304 hp v6 to sixty...

            i think the upgraded 310 hp turbo four could be made to be quite entertaining.

            i doubt it will ever happen but I feel it would make for a sportier xt4...


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              My 2015 ATS has 321HP and 6 speed auto is fantastic. I agree the earlier model 3.6 were not impressive as well as the trans. My 3.6V has 464 HP 455 TQ 3.8 seconds Quarter. Would love to see them drop that in the XT4, they obviously have it.
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