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Corvette Today Podcast With Kai Spande BGA Manager

On this episode of CORVETTE TODAY, you get to meet the Corvette Plant Manager for the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, Kai Spande!
Your host, Steve Garrett, introduces you to Kai as he traces his career with GM. Kai talks about how the Bowling Green Assembly Plant transitioned from the front engine, C7 Corvette, to the mid-engine C8 Corvette. You'll get insights on the plant expansion and how they made that all the new C8 Corvette a true state-of-the-art build facility. Kai also tells you about the Corvettes he has owned and the funny story of how he loved Corvettes, but never thought he'd get to work for it during his tenure at GM. Get to personally know Corvette Plant Manager, Kai Spande, on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!

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What! Not “Resale Red” But Resale Yellow???

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  • 3 Z06ZR1
    Not sure what they are seeing but looks like they are talking all cars and other cars besides Corvette's. None of the values match either new Corvette's. I mean for 37K??
    Yellow older Collector Corvettes not with standing maybe that is boosting yellow those Collector cars are in a different group anyway but for the C5, C6 and C7 not so sure.

    I have bought Corvette's mostly C6 C6Z06 and C7 Z06 and a ZR1 both used and new and still shop them and from what I see in the past when shopping nation wide is the yellow and red have been drawing the least resale. Could of had yellow as well but no yellow for me. Quite sure I looked for far more time looking at many more Corvettes than the guy writing the article. Never go too long with out looking. I can tell you values are through the roof right now for C7's and C8's

    Several times since 2005 I had owned 3 at a time in the garage. May make 1 more purchase and add a C8 Z06 to the two I currently have as a 3rd.

    I bought my Red 2008 Z06 and it the cheapest car with a good history and 14k miles. It was the best deal on a 2008 Z06 for sale after months of shopping. Yellow was the other

    But I been shopping them still. Sometimes I will take a good deal even if it is not my best color choice but can live with it.
    I Was considering a C7 ZR1 and it was yellow that was lowest price any of any other color I could have bought. While trying to shop condition and miles
    With Corvettes resale I think it more follows production levels. Black White draw the most money etc down the line. Red is hit or miss People who buy red new but does it have red interior?
    Notice no interior colors mentioned but interior color is a huge factor. Some people will pay extra for some colors that were not big sellers.
    Every color has it's big fans.

    I bought a black 2006 Z06 great deal thought I could enjoy and live with the linen Interior the one with the Black and light tan dash and seats. I kept it maybe 3 months did not like the linen interior. Yellow was not the top Corvette resale color for C6 or C7 or C5.
    Just my take!

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  • Sabre
    Long live AYM!!!

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  • Capper525
    I’m keeping my “resale red!”

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  • brad66
    Works for me. But they aren't for sale.

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    Do I know how to pick them or what?
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  • Atlantan
    Thanks for sharing this article John.

    I don't have my C8 yet but I chose AYM and how my build evolved from Resale Red to Resale Yellow...

    After spending an inordinate amount of time on the configurator, just days before my build my final build was going to be very standard, Torch Red (resale red) with natural Napa GT2 interior. I like red cars, therefore my current car is metallic red, one prior to that was red, after much consideration didn't want my third car to be red. I also thought, Torch Red would be a common color the road for a C8 and I may find myself wanting to wrap the car if I get bored with TR.

    After watching the movie Underground 6, I wanted to wrap my red Giulia QV neon green, for that exotic look. If the C8 came in Verde Mantis or Ithaca Verde color, I would have selected that in a heartbeat. AYM on the C8 has some greenish tones, depending on the lighting conditions. With the proper accents and interior, AYM IMO makes the C8 look rather exotic.

    Given that AYM was he lowest percentage ~2.2%, below Zeus Bronze and Sebring Orange, some think that it might be on the chopping block. Only reason it might not get cancelled is if Tadge fancies that colors, we know his CTF HTC was AYM.

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  • meyerweb
    A couple of the services I got quotes from on my C7 said the orange was worth more. One added $1650 to the offer for the color (DSOM)

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  • John
    started a topic What! Not “Resale Red” But Resale Yellow???

    What! Not “Resale Red” But Resale Yellow???

    What the heck is happening to the used car market, for we read the famous book “All Corvettes Are Red,” and have thousands of times each heard that red is the resale color.

    But thanks to AutoWeek, now is it “resale yellow?”

    Originally posted by AutoWeek
    Yellow may not be a widely desired car color, but there are enough people who want yellow, versus the number of yellow new cars being ordered, to make yellow cars more desirable than others on the used market,” said iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer. “In fact, yellow is among the colors with the lowest vehicle share, and is most commonly a color for sports cars and other low-volume vehicles that hold their value relatively well.
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