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G.M. Is going "all-electric "

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  • G.M. Is going "all-electric "

    General Motors (GM) does not expect its electric vehicles to turn a profit for at least a few more years, CEO Mary Barra told investors Wednesday.

    The largest U.S. automaker repeated its commitment Wednesday to make its entire vehicle lineup "all-electric," but provided investors with few details about those plans on a conference call after GM reported fourth-quarter earnings that beat expectations .

    However, GM is clear that its electric vehicles won't make money until "early next decade," Barra said.

    Turning a profit from electric vehicles has long been considered a major challenge for automakers, which are pouring money into electric vehicle, EV, technology in the face of fluctuating oil prices, government initiatives to reduce carbon pollution and excitement over Tesla (TSLA).

    The California-based electric car maker has recently pulled off two profitable quarters in a row after losing money for years. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that he expected the company to start turning regular profits beginning in the third quarter of 2018. So far Tesla has made good on that promise, but some investors are still cautious, if not skeptical that the company can maintain that momentum.

    Barra also demurred when asked when customers can expect to see an electric pickup truck from GM, saying simply that the company is "committed to an all-electric future" and to "stay tuned" for more news.

    Meanwhile, other automakers have announced their intentions to move further into electric vehicles. For example, Ford is planning an all-electric version of its best-selling F-150 full-size pickup. Its first foray into EVs will be a new crossover inspired by the Mustang that executives say will be built for driving enthusiasts.

    GM recently said it plans to make its luxury brand Cadillac the lead brand for its electrification efforts .
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    A thought if I might ...

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    When this subject was brought up last month, there was also announced that there still could be “niche vehicles.” Or as it has been many times said, “it ain’t over until its over.” Thanks Yogi Berra.
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      In our life time well have ICE vehicles to choose from.

      I will say driving teslas ludicrious mode was pretty awesome.

      a whole new level of driving...

      if thats our future im ok with it.

      teslas upcoming roadster for 200 grand should be all telling if it ever hits the streets...

      Then a coulle of decades to filter down to us mere mortals..

      as far as cuvs ...a battery platform that can be shrunk and expanded will pretty much lower costs in the long run for manufacturers so Im not crying for the few years they dont make as much as they used to per vehicle...

      change or die.

      GM shouldnt whine about the cost of evolving otherwise dont rush to be first...

      always costs mire to lead..

      watch as other companies follow and pay much less for similiar technology...



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        They must have gone MAD. Sorry but I will not be a fan of all electric. I'll stick with the gas guzzling fire breathing rides.
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          Where is the electricity going to come from? How does it get to the users. Has nobody thought about this?


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            In my humble opinion, electric is not the answer. I'm much more inclined to buy into hydrogen.


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              G.M. Is going "all-electric "


              "Niche" vehicles maybe. Show me the marketing forecasts. I question demand. Saw a Tesla X at the store today. Checked the price on line: "from $82,000". Folks want the most value.

              Don't see the demand corresponding to the OEMs pursuit of electric.


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                Well I can give up the cars IC engines but do not take my oil burner trucks lol!