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Z06 Potential Patents

As we get ready for the Z06’s debut sometime in the next year, IMO time to brush up on the 23 GM C8 patents — many of which are Z06 potentials: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...alized-patents
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Many automakers going all-in on electric. Is it a gamble?

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    Try connecting your CRT TV to a HD box? Wont work. Can't have it both ways. New Tech requires new energy... Such as it is with electric vehicles. Yes you can milk your old tube tv for a while but eventually they were made obsolete. Yes, keep your ICE - there will be gas in our lifetime, but eventually it will be harder to come by. Progress, or get left behind. Is electric perfect? Far from it. Was the first ICE perfect?


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      Regarding consumer acceptance, I'm reminded of developments in the past. When the Mini-Van arrived it was laughed at...and went on to become a HUGE success, basically ending the success of station wagons. Early SUVs were criticized and stodgy...they now dominate the market.

      It takes some time for most to accept change. On top of that, no matter what many consumers want, emissions regulation alone will most likely assure EV success.
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        All or
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          Originally posted by George View Post
          Regarding consumer acceptance, I'm reminded of developments in the past. When the Mini-Van arrived it was laughed at...and went on to become a HUGE success, basically ending the success of station wagons. Early SUVs were criticized and stodgy...they now dominate the market.

          It takes some time for most to accept change. On top of that, no matter what many consumers want, emissions regulation alone will most likely assure EV success.
          Nothing like the Mini VAN!

          Electric can not possibly make it ALONE! Not even enough material to even make all the BATTERIES, Then all of it comes from China! Then the coming Electric bills will go through the roof! For the average JOE it will not work. Green Energy is expensive. You have to get your own system. My new million dollar home is going off grid.
          Just spent 30k on Solar on a system then it needs installed DIY. Electric company wanted 80k to bring the power to my driveway. I'm only 1/4 mile from City limit.
          We need to stay with gas for years to come. Common Joe is way over half of America which cannot afford electric and will be crushed by high fuel.


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            Huge Gamble ....will likely require a Federal Bailout in the form of loans and tax credits and infrastructure.....might work in dense urban areas..


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              Please stop with the political posts.
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                😂 Electrifying
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                  Big gamble in my mind! If you live in Apartments and park on the street like over half the Country does hard to see electric being able to charge. Then fast charging is the worst thing on the battery.
                  Lots of things to sort besides China owning every bit of the battery materials! I'm ready for what ever they do! Full off grid solar for me charging and electric at 0 cost once everything is purchased.


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                    One thing to keep in mind is that EVs are the playthings of the rich for the near future.

                    Most on this site qualify as 1%ers and that's a good place to be. But being surrounded by that pushes us towards homogenous thinking.

                    The US will always have millions of drivers who can't afford EVs and if we expand our thinking to the rest of the world, that number approaches a billion.

                    India alone has 1.36 billion people and had 253 million drivers back in 2017. It has 500 charging stations for EVs.

                    It has the fastest growing middle class in the world yet does not have the money or desire to spend trillions on infrastructure to support EVs. Without infrastructure it doesn't matter if you can produce a sub $30k or $20k EV.

                    Now consider all the less fortunate countries that will never have more than a handful of Teslas within their borders.

                    ICE is here for a long time, well beyond mine and my children. Someone will be making cars to fill that market even if VW or GM isn't.

                    You may notice that these press releases on when a car manufacturer is going fully EV usually have a caveat or asterisk pointing to it only applying to European or US markets.

                    What does it mean to an American driving an American car? Everything in the future is a guess, an opinion only. Facts are in the present and from them we make an educated guess.


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                      Originally posted by Big Hustles View Post
                      It's an evolution. Gas isn't going away anytime soon. Shipping in particular long haul trucking, boats and air will use fossil fuels for the foreseeable future. Technology companies that didn't exist 10 years ago are coming to market with electric vehicles beyond well known ones like Tesla. Even Apple has thrown their hat in the ring. It's actually a logical step for technology companies to get into the EV industry since it is the technology that drives the core of the industry such as computers, battery technology, and software. All things these companies are experts in.

                      To the big automakers the writing is on the wall, if they don't adapt someone else will step in and take their would be profits from this sector. And if these new companies are as successful as Tesla has been, even with all its faults in manufacturing and service, then they the big auto makers will be replaced. They are simply hedging their future.

                      I'm 43 i'm kind of in the middle. I love technology but i just love the sound of a good engine and all things that come with tinkering with gas powered cars. The next generation coming behind me has different obsessions. They are growing up with iPads in their hands. Instant access to information and legal weed lol. The genies is out of the proverbially bottle so to speak and its not going back in, it will only get better. There is too much money on the line now for it to fail. Once they come out with a reasonably priced consumer grade EV mass produced under 30k it will be game over.
                      Maybe, but they still haven’t addressed the infrastructure problem. Don’t have anywhere near enough charging stations or the capacity to supply them.
                      There is a madness to my method!

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                        Many automakers going all-in on electric. Is it a gamble?

                        Yes. Assume their market research supports the move. The marketplace will be the final determiner of success.


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                          I've stated before that I have no fear of the "electric" Corvette. The performance is already there and if the market determines that it needs "sound" to go with the performance, I know that exists and can be added too.

                          My question is... what happens when the grid goes dark? And when that grid covers 30 to 60 million people (let's say D.C. up to Boston or perhaps Texas/Oklahoma). That's a lot of folks stuck at home.... with nothing to do. They won't be able to work from home and they won't be able to use their vehicles to go from home. And the trucking industry that's all-electric, what happens there? You think we had a butt-wipe shortage before?

                          It just seems to me we have to be careful about putting too many eggs in one basket. It makes us an easy target for profiteers, foreign governments, terrorists, I could go on but you get the scenario. (1970's Oil embargo anyone?)

                          I love the idea of clean (at least on the surface) electricity/energy. I love the idea of the new jobs created as we build the necessary infrastructure (let's get busy now). I love the concept of having private transportation without the massive pollution (at least on the surface) but let's hope our leadership approaches all this with some sort of strategy. I seriously doubt I'm going to be walking Earth when we're all electric or all whatever-we-end-up-with. But I can't help but think putting it all in one energy source isn't going to come back and bite us in the....

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                            Last week I picked an audi e tron and its a hoot. Dont sweat the details guys. Everything will work out just fine. Tons of fast chargers around and some are even free.

                            within a year or two.....concerns of range will a thing of the past. Recharge times are being brought down to 18 minutes to go from zero to 80 percent ...on fast chargers etc...

                            the grid will support evening charges without a problem and what tesla did in Australia is also an option.

                            driving ev s shows you how antiquated ICE cars are.

                            i love my c8 v8 and Im not a greenie either but electric performance vehicles are easily going to match sports car if not supercar exotic performance numbers and be much much less expensive too boot.

                            the jet turbine noise the audi makes cracks me the hell up. These Evs are going to be a riot.

                            i sent Mike Furman an email getting on his list for the ev corvette cuv for my better half

                            i plan as I said earlier to have a two corvette garage..lone v8 c8 and one cuv ev corvette for the family transport.


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                              Originally posted by meyerweb View Post

                              But HD sets could still connect to existing cable boxes and show existing, SD content. Going to be hard to connect a BEV to a gas pump.
                              Take one simple example: .... a 400 unit apartment complex. Lets say in 10 years from today 50 percent of the tenants are EVers... How do you charge 2 to 3 hundred vehicles per night in such a scenario? Dramatically increase service size... assigned charging stations in the parking lot? Utility Company’s shifting load profile.... Car companies rushing to 100 percent EV’s in 10 years will be boxed into a massive infrastructure quagmire IMO... 😎
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                                The CO2 concentration went over 420 ppm at the NOAA recording site on Mauna Loa, HI. We have no choice but to go zero emission for everything by 2050. Autos will likely go three ways - battery electric (BEV), hydrogen fuel cell or internal combustion. The change coming for IC engines is one not talked about much - the change in fuel used. It is possible to burn green ammonia (NH3) in a IC engine and produce only water vapor in its exhaust. Ammonia has about half of the energy content per pound of gasoline, but it works well in a diesel cycle. As a result it is the preferred approach for next generation zero emission ships. For long range cars and over the road trucks, ammonia fueled diesel engines are a real possibility.