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Corvette Today Podcast: Meet Corvette’s Car Racing’s Brand Manager, Laura Wontrop Klauser

When GM decided to bring all of their racing entities under one person, they picked Laura Wontrop Klauser to lead them.; In this episode of CORVETTE TODAY, your host, Steve Garrett, introduces you to Laura.  She's a Mechanical Engineer, she track races, she truly loves her job.  And she talks about bringing all of GM's racing together to share ideas and research.   Also learn about the future of Corvette Racing on this episode of the CORVETTE TODAY podcast
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More GM U.S. Production Coming

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  • More GM U.S. Production Coming

    Acutely aware that it is under pressure, but probably done for its own internal efficiencies rather than to appease public pressure, GM announced today that it is going to bring more product to existing GM plants which are now underutilized.

    Originally posted by gmauthority
    Barra: More US Built GM Products On The WayGeneral Motors has more vehicles on the way that will be built in the United States, company CEO Mary Barra assured reporters at the recent Automotive News World Congress in Detroit.

    GM announced last November that it would idle plants in Michigan and Ohio and discontinue the Chevrolet Impala, Volt and Cruze along with Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac XTS. US production of the Cadillac CT6, which is built at GM’s plant in Hamtramck, Michigan, will also cease, although the vehicle may remain on sale, with GM likely to source cars from its CT6 plant in China. The automaker also announced it would cut 8,000 white collar jobs from its workforce.

    Despite these job cuts, though, the automaker isn’t turning its back on America, with more US-built products coming down the pipe.

    “We have more products coming that we will build in the United States,” Barra said, refusing to elaborate on its future product plans.

    It’s possible that GM could build its forthcoming Cadillac products in the US, such as the CT4 and CT5 sedans, the new Escalade or the unnamed battery electric crossover. With more profits to be made on luxury vehicles, it would make more sense for GM to build these products in the US and move production of vehicles with smaller margins to Mexico or China.

    Barra said GM has “other plants that are lower in capacity utilization that we would want to increase.” Under capacity GM plants include the Lansing Grand River and Orion Township sites in Michigan and Fairfax Assembly in Kansas.

    “We need to make sure that we keep the capacity utilization up at other plants that we’re still working to improve,” Barra added.

    As of last summer, GM’s passenger car plants were operating at 37 percent of their maximum production capacity, while some of its truck and SUV plants were running three full shifts a day at 105 percent capacity.

    (source: The Detroit News)

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    With the new open market possibilities...maybe its time to ship cars worldwide as bmw does out if its US plants...

    all kidding aside the electric revolution does sem to offer plant utilization in the United States as well.

    i think gm said it has like 20 new ev s coming by 2021 or 2022...

    the 20 minute recharge of 80 percent of ev s is going to revolutionize the ev market. I believe that is porsches goal with the taycan ev..even if its a sixty percent recharge in 20 minutes..,the party is ending for ICe vehicles..or so the story goes...

    its going to be weird as companies lime GM try and shift major portions of their prodiction lineup to the next five years


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      This is a good thing in my view IF it makes GM more competitive in this changing marketplace. It is a new game out there now and hopefully GM will be on top of it.