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YouTube video from local car guy shows why buying corvettes makes the most sense..

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  • YouTube video from local car guy shows why buying corvettes makes the most sense..

    I dont know about you guys but i literally have no patience for this kind of exotic car time wasting annoyances..

    never a hige deal but enough to say why bother with the fancy european sports gt s when corvettes are much less troublesome..

    i dig the mclarens but man...3 days and all those annoying issues pop up?

    the local dealer delivered the car to his home three days ago....and all these little annoyances just popped up?

    who here is with me and saying..this is yet another reason besides superior performance and lower purchase price...possibly the most important reason...who has time for these types of issues so soon after delivery?

    does it actually get better? Could it just be a dying or uncharged battery from sitting?

    Hopefully as this yourube guy is a really nice person at cars and coffee...

    anyway here is his quick you tube video describing day three of his 570 S ownership experience...

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    There was a youtube guy from PA that did the same thing. His channel was originally all about the new at the time C7 and he gradually went on to getting McLarens and I don't see his channel popping up with new content anymore. If you're dropping over $200k for an exotic, the **** thing better be perfect and stay that way for a long time.


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      This youtuber happens to be a nice fella. He has owned a lot of german brands as well as lotus vehicles and even c4 corvettes...

      hopefully his mclaren isnt too much a pain and the issues that cropped up are easily resolved.


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        yea, I like to drive my stuff more then its in the shop so even if I could swing the price they would not be for me.