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If you dig corvettes..order this 90 minute corvette was awesome

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  • If you dig corvettes..order this 90 minute corvette was awesome

    just downloaded this off of vimeo..(whatever the hell that ) i truly enjoyed this corvette movie..

    i think many of you will as well.

    here is the trailer and the movie was better!

    Last edited by John; 12-29-2018, 11:15 PM. Reason: Moved the video within the post for easier viewing.

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    Thanks for sharing this, I love the guys at Everyday Driver, always great commentary and reviews.


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      I bought and watched the movie tonight....i really enjoyed the movie...

      i listen to the everyday driver podcast too...these are probably two of the nicest fellas ...i think they just did their 360 th podcast this past week...

      Pauls never been that big of a corvette fan as he is more of a porsche enthusiast and Todd is more of a lotus enthusiast...meanwhile their reactions to driving all the various generations on film was enlightening and their responses especially todds to the c7 z06 and zr1 were laugh out loud enjoyable...

      if you dig corvettes....heck if you dig watching reactions on peoples faces when you throw them your keys to drive your corvette for the first time...then this is a safer way to get a good chuckle...

      both Paul and Todd s responses to all the various generations of corvettes was enjoyable...

      forst movie i ever bought on vimeo...i didnt even know what vimeo was till i downloaded that service just so I could buy the movie ...

      you can remt it for 4 dollars for 48 hours or buy it for play over and over again...

      i know Ill watch it again so I bought it...

      supposed to go on amazon soon too but i couldnt wait...

      i wanted to watch it today so vimeo it was!

      Hope you guys enjoy the video too..if you decide to get it...


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        Thanks for the info JB. I'll be purchasing my copy today.


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          Thank you JbsC6.


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            just got done watching it, it was wonderful.


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              Now if you have amazon prime you can order it that way as well.. i was going to order it in amazon prime but it was slihtly delayed and I couldnt i joined vimeo and ordered it that way...i was just listening to the podcast a few minutes ago and they announced the amazon prime option is up and running...

              for anyone with amazon prime...just a heads up...

              i think watching it on a 60 inch tv screen would have been even better than when i watched it on vimeo and my computer..

              i really enjoyed this 90 minute film and recommend it for any corvette enthisast..

              each generation was was awesome to see and hear them while the guys described their driving imoressioms...