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Carscoops link for detroit autoshow A to Z reveals..enjoy (ford fans)

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  • Carscoops link for detroit autoshow A to Z reveals..enjoy (ford fans)
    Last edited by JB; 12-26-2018, 10:42 AM.

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    Sad fact detroit auto show reveals half the number of last year......

    detroit auto show in a free fall...

    germanys audi, bmw and mercedes drop out of the show this year...only vw remains ...

    the interweb capability and belt tightening has wrecked havoc on auto shows relevancy.

    the move to june in 2020 is a desperate move to save the detroit auto show ...(originally designed to promote sales in detroit during the winter months this detroit auto show had reached heights of relevancy for many years as a showcase of the industry)

    was it CAS or the internet that pummeled the detroit show ?

    was it the rising costs ofrevealing at the detroit ? Or the ability to hold a seperate press event that captures auto journalists for hours at a private event for less money and longer periods of time...?

    hard to say but fords there with its new GT500...but only GMs division release of the new cadillac ct6 will according to reports be the sole press introduction...

    its basically a regrilled buick enclave,,,big whoop...

    even toyota is showing the mark v supra there but no corvette c8....


    glad im not flying into detroit for this show


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      It is sad, with GM even passing up on their allotted press conference time.
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