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Ford extends temp shutdown w/o restart date

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  • Ford extends temp shutdown w/o restart date

    I'm sure this will be what all the car manufacturers will be unfortunately be saying soon...
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    A thought if I might ...

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    They had tentative restart date of the 30th anyway. Still a chance for the 6th, though I doubt it also.
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      My status moved up to 3100.....


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        if we get our cars too early, then we may be driving them to unnecessary funerals. that ain't cool.


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          Originally posted by SheepDog View Post
          if we get our cars too early, then we may be driving them to unnecessary funerals. that ain't cool.
          We are on Shelter In Place as of 11:59 PM today! That means no funerals. Getting uglier by the day!


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            GMs Initial plan on reopening went from the 30th to the 6th of April I believe was reported by John. I am 99.99 pct sure nothing will happen on the 6th of April either as far as these plants opening up. The Gov of Kentucky most likely will shut down the state as he indicated in past few days. The medical experts are warning against any notion of opening business back up by Easter (3 weeks away) as stated by this administration. We may just want to get use to the fact that manufacturing will be down for at least the next two months. We are following the Italian model and they have not hit their apex. Lot of talk of people bailing on their C8 dreams and seaking deposit backs. This is getting sad. This was my TPW week.


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              I am more than willing to sacrifice a few weeks or months to take delivery of my HTC, TPW April 6, in orders to have good health and lives saved. There have been reports that several plant employees, not at BG, have come down with the virus. What good is a thriving economy if you can't enjoy it? LIFE IS PRICELESS!


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                I agree life is priceless and me waiting for my car truly saves lives is worth every minute. Sadly, closing the plant isnt gonna do it. The two "success" stories on the virus is China and Korea. China locked everything up and shut everything down. Something we dont seem to be able to do here. Korea tested everyone and if you had it or were exposed to it you were isolated. We already see where I am in Arizona the public parks are being inundated with visitors with few having any consideration to the distancing. From what I hear of california, the beaches are packed. I will bet there are a fair amount of workers (including GM plant employees) who are out doing stuff around other people. So unless we shut down everything AND severely penalize these people who dont obey, this is a lost cause and shutting down parts of the economy is purely symbolic.


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                  The good news:

                  80-85% of those exposed to the virus will either have no symptoms (i.e., their healthy immune systems readily defeat the virus) or they will develop cold-like symptoms and heal normally. These are typically individuals who extend in age up to around age 60, with no pre-existing health conditions that would compromise their immune systems.

                  Those age 60 and higher fall into a higher risk category, especially if there are pre-existing health conditions.

                  Those age 80 and above are in the highest risk category, again particularly those with pre-existing conditions. For example, in Italy,"The mean age of the patient subsample was 79.5 years (standard deviation [SD], 8.1), of whom, only 601 (30.0%) were women. Of all patients who died, 117 (30%) had ischemic heart disease, 126 (35.5%) had diabetes, 72 (20.3%) had cancer, 87 (24.5%) had atrial fibrillation, 24 (6.8%) had dementia, and 34 (9.6%) had had a stroke."

                  So, those age 60 and above, especially those in the highest risk categories, are the ones who need to be isolated, practice social distancing and appropriate hygiene. If these older individuals catch Covid-19, and they are practicing the appropriate precautions, it will most likely have been given to them by a careless family member who did not practice the necessary safety measures.

                  The vast majority of Americans, 80-85%, can be safely working right now.
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                    Once again, we've strayed from the original topic which is auto manufacturing.
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