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Cadillac’ SuperCruse Tops Tesla and More

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  • Cadillac’ SuperCruse Tops Tesla and More

    Originally posted by AutoBlog
    Cadillac tops Tesla in Consumer Reports semi-automated driving test Super Cruise also beats Nissan and Volvo; test shows systems create risks

    Oct 4th 2018 at 8:40AM


    • Image Credit: Cadillac

    General Motors' Cadillac outscored Tesla in a new ranking of partially automated driving systems tested by Consumer Reports and released on Thursday.

    The highly influential nonprofit organization, which tests and rates a variety of consumer products from appliances to vehicles, said it compared Cadillac's Super Cruise and Tesla's Autopilot with similar systems from Nissan and Volvo. Nissan's ProPilot Assist was ranked third and Volvo's Pilot Assist fourth.

    Consumer Reports said it has been testing partially automated driving systems for several years but elected to conduct a formal study intended for publication, because "we are at a tipping point where they are now going mainstream," according to Jake Fisher, director of auto testing.

    The organization said its tests, conducted on a private track and on public roads in Connecticut, were designed to measure the systems' ability to automatically control steering and speed in certain situations, while helping drivers pay attention and regain manual control of the vehicle when required.

    CR noted that any of these systems can increase driving risk if used in inappropriate situations, or if drivers become inattentive or over-reliant on them. While they can help relieve driver stress and fatigue, Consumer Reports said, the partially automated systems are "not intended to be self-driving features."

    The systems typically use cameras, radar and other sensors, as well as mapping data, to monitor location and traffic conditions and help keep a vehicle centered in the lane at a safe distance behind other cars.

    Each system has limitations. Cadillac's Super Cruise, for instance, only functions on divided highways that have been mapped by GM. In contrast, Tesla's Autopilot can be used even on small, curvy roads with poor lane markings, but "operates erratically in those situations,"

    Consumer Reports said.The organization tested Super Cruise on the Cadillac CT6; Autopilot on the Tesla Model 3, Model X and Model S; ProPilot Assist on the Nissan Leaf and Infiniti QX50; and Pilot Assist on the Volvo XC40 and XC60.

    Consumer Reports said Cadillac's Super Cruise did "the best job of balancing high-tech capabilities with ensuring the car is operated safely and the driver is paying attention."

    Tesla's Autopilot was cited for its capability and ease of use, while Nissan's ProPilot Assist did a better job than Autopilot or Volvo's Pilot Assist in keeping drivers engaged.

    Cadillac's Super Cruise is not related to the GM Cruise self-driving vehicle now being jointly developed by General Motors and Honda.

    Reporting by Paul Lienert in Detroit

    Related Video:
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    I read this earlier. Does not surprise me in the least. Being first and being the best are Two different things....


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      Thats great it tops Tesla but I hope the SuperCruse is a stand alone option that I don't have to buy when I get my DOHC CT6 in 2020 or 2021. In other words, I hope its not bundled with the higher trim level that I will be "forced" to get just to have the 500HP DOHC CT6. Regular cruise control is fine with me.

      To get the twin turbocharged engine in the XTSvsport I had to "buy" all kinda features I don't need or use ranging from the sunroof to powered window shades.


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        Boomer, I agree it would be great if Super Cruise was a stand-alone option, but my prior experience with 9 Cadillac purchases would cast doubts on that happening.
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          Ive road test3d both systems and teslas AP1 was far superior to teslas AP2 ...both pale in comparision to Supercruise.

          i believe with hondas 2.5 billion invested in supercruise.

          supercruise will become an independent company supplying all car manufacturers.


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            Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
            Boomer, I agree it would be great if Super Cruise was a stand-alone option, but my prior experience with 9 Cadillac purchases would cast doubts on that happening.
            Fine. I've never been distracted by such strategies. See how sales go on the AS wheel/tire version of the 500HP DOHC. Good to hear you!