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Chevy Corvette Recalled, Stop-Sale Issued For Possible Brake Problem???

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  • Chevy Corvette Recalled, Stop-Sale Issued For Possible Brake Problem???

    Just saw this on, looks like another possible delay.

    A sensor issue that also affects a small number of other Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac models.

    There's a new problem with the Chevrolet Corvette, and it's serious enough for General Motors to issue an immediate stop-delivery order for some cars currently in the dealership network. It's not Corvette specific though, as a range of other GM cars and SUVs could be affected. The Corvette Action Center has information that highlights a possible issue with the braking system, and a Chevrolet spokesperson confirmed the info to The problem isn't a mechanical one. Rather, it involves a sensor connection for the electronic brake boost system. There could be material in that connection which might cause an interruption in the signal, which would disrupt communication between the brake boost system and this sensor. This could cause a loss of the brake boost system, which obviously would leave the driver needing much more force on the brake pedal to slow the vehicle.

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    We know. Thank you. It effect only 39 C8’s.

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