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Anyone use Stahlbus oil drain valves ?

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  • Anyone use Stahlbus oil drain valves ?

    I recieved one of these a few years ago & haven't installed it yet. Curious if anyone here has tried these out yet ?
    Click image for larger version

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    Ssscooter66., That's awesome. I have made my own with flex stainless flex tubing so I don't have to remove all of the bolts for the undercarriage aero pieces. If you have undercarriage panels that have to be removed you may want to consider making your own with stainless braided tubing with a cap on the end so you can simply run it through the panel. That way you can leave it on without having to remove the panels.
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      I used to use Fumoto valves, which are a rotating plug type of valve. Skeptics always worried that the lever to open the valve would get snagged on something, opening the valve and allowing all the oil to drain out.

      With the design of the Stahlbus valve, I would worry that the valve would not seat properly and would leak. But I suppose the cap on the end would prevent massive loss of oil.


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        I installed one during my last oil change, so haven't actually used it. But it seems to be very well made, with high quality materials and construction. No leaks so far. A former member of Stingray Forums installed one back in 2015, I think, and never had any issues with it.

        Unlike the Fumoto I looked at, it's very low profile, so it's not going to get broken off and spill oil all over the place if a piece of road debris should hit the bottom of the engine.
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          Frenzy36, if for some reason you need to take the undercarriage cover off take a few pictures so everyone can see how you made this . Thanks
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