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Road Trip Prep: DIY

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  • Road Trip Prep: DIY

    Prepping for and safely executing a road trip; “Tips” for doing so...

    One of our passions is taking our Corvette on a long road trips.

    Here are a couple of very obvious tips, but to some, not so obvious preand during trip prep suggestions. Add your ideas please in subsequent posts.

    *Have your dealer or private repair shop give your car an extensive pre road trip inspection. Do this at least a week in advance, for if anything is found that needs fixin’, there is always the potential bug-a-boo of needing a few days to get in replacement parts.

    * Since many Corvette folks doing 90% or more of their driving during excellent weather, the most overlooked part of a road trip is that you are going many places with potentially different terrain and weather issues. Suggestion # 2: Replace your windshield wipers (or just the blades if you wish). Extensive downpours occur in many other parts of the country even if you do not have them where you live.

    * Do not think of your tires as you traditionally might when staying mostly close to home. For example, are your going over mountains where even in last spring and early fall you might encounter snow? Or, are your tires getting their tread worn to the point that while the tread looks good when you are leaving, will you have enough tread to be safe 4,000 miles into your trip — with still 1,000 miles to go until you get home.

    *[email protected]]
    I carry Slime's Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System kit. A compact kit to throw in the back. It has a good air pump and a can of their Slime in-line with the pump so all you do is attach it and inflate to the appropriate pressure. I particularly like the fact that Slime doesn't screw up the TPM and, if necessary, when the tire is removed, can be rinsed out with water, plus it is non-flammable. Also carry some flares along with a collapsible high visibility safety triangle.[/Quote]

    *Alway pack some basic tools, quality two (2) small LED flashlights; and a highway safety vest. And, for those who do not have permanently installed jacking pucks on C5-7’s, suggest you at least take one with you.

    * Detailing kit so if you get bird ****, tar or similar on your paint, you can immediately stop and clean it off before it permanently damages your paint.

    * Extra detailing windshield-wash-liquid and more microfibers.

    * Hand bicycle tire pump and quality TPI gauge.
    Note, please that if your trip involves major elevation differences, different cold and hot weather temp climates, I check/adjust my tire pressures every single morning before I start out — and for those with later Corvettes which will tell you your tire pressures for each tire while traveleing, I check that particular gauge several times per day, every day of our trip.

    * Oil level checks. While years ago, especially with older cars, we always were taught to check our oil levels every time we filled up with gas, our cars have gotten so much better in not “burning/using oil” during a trip, that many have gotten spoiled and fail to check their oil levels at least once daily (on those days you are doing considerable miles).

    Here are some specific pre-trip ideas from the State of Oregon DMV:

    Click image for larger version

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    And more pre-trip suggestions from OR DMV: Electrical equipment and lights.Check the horn, the windshield wipers, and all the lights in your car. You should replace the wipers or get rubber refills if they don't clean the windshield perfectly, and have some extra light bulbs on hand, as well. Depending on the season and your location, you should also make sure that the heater and air conditioner are in good working order.

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    To me the best safety option is to allow extra time when weather conditions warrant. Whenever I have something that involves a definitive time and place where I absolutely need to be there, especially if it is a cross country trip, I arrive in town over a day in advance.

    If I get to go to the ME’s reveal, especially if it will again be in Detroit in January, I will get there days ahead.

    Enjoying my Shadow gray C8. What a car it is.


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      Excellent advice Corvette Shadow! Far less to worry about when you aren't trying to make up time in a poor weather situation.
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