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Rivian Rt1 PICKUP EV accelerates to sixty mph in 3 flat! Starting at 69 grand wow!

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  • Rivian Rt1 PICKUP EV accelerates to sixty mph in 3 flat! Starting at 69 grand wow!

    performance with electric vehicles is crazy!

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    Im not a pickup guy but it looks pretty good.


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      It does look good on paper. But the reserved part of me is also thinking, they are not even making the truck until over one year from now, and with what past experience do they have, and on what assumptions are they planning to get from idea to production of a Federal certified, state licensable, street legal vehicle.

      I wish the Rivian company well, but certainly not a company I would ever invest in... Including my not giving them a $1,000 deposit they are now asking me for in order for me to get one their later ordering list.
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        $70K is way more than I'd spend on a truck and I keep looking at the pictures & don't see where the "pickup truck" is . After buying our first house its always good (my opinion) to have a truck to go get whatever I need whenever I need it to fix something, if it fits in the truck .
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          They also have an SUV coming


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            Priduction in old mitsubishi plant?

            cuv looks good too..

            starting at 70 grand and going up? Sounds like someone is planning on taking on tesla and jaguar..

            i wouodnt buy one either...just thought zero to sixty in 3 flat was crazy fast for the mid line model...

            who knows whats going to be real or vaporware with these vehicles ..

            electrics in the next few years seem to tearing up performance numbers weve come to expect...

            cuvs doing 3 flat is crazy fast for under or around 100,000 grand and its only going to gecome more wide spreed...

            just shooting the breeze.