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Maserati New Mid Engine TTV8 ?

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  • Maserati New Mid Engine TTV8 ?

    Thanks to Car and Driver

    © Maserati This test mule is apparently powered by a new Maserati engine and the real car is slated to debut in May.
    • Maserati is working on a new sports car, and these photos of a test mule suggest it might be mid-engined.
    • The mule appears to share some components with the Alfa Romeo 4C, albeit with some heavy modifications at the rear end.
    • Maserati says it will share more information about this car at an event in May 2020.

    Maserati is preparing to release a new sports car in May, and we're wondering: could it be a mid-engined competitor to the likes of the McLaren 570S? Photos of a test mule that Maserati released a few months ago seem to suggest so, although we admit that we're a bit confused about the nature of this new model. Here's what we know so far.

    This mule is said to be testing a new Maserati engine—likely a turbocharged V-8—that will be built in Italy. It will power the new sports car, and we'd wager that, if the company is testing the engine in a mid-engined mule, the production car will share this layout, too. If so, that would be a major switch-up from the last we heard about this new Maserati model, which was said to be a production version of the front-engined Alfieri concept that was first shown way back in 2014. Things get a little murkier when you inspect the mule more closely. It appears to share some components with the Alfa Romeo 4C, although the body is highly modified. We're not sure what this tells us about the Maserati production car, other than the fact that it may use a carbon-fiber tub like the Alfa.
    Rocket City Florida

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    Thanks Frenzy36. Very interesting, but IMO the jury is still out on its looks and its price.
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      Yes I sincerely doubt it will have all the creature comforts of the C8, It looks like a cross between a Porsche and a Alfa. And I'm sure it won't be able to compare with the price of the C8. Probably too small for some also.
      Rocket City Florida


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        I agree, the looks are not as nice as the C8 or really any other ME car I can think of.


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          I think a tt v6 they have in the alfa qv stelvio and guilia should have just been a slightly expanded 4c platform...

          maserati has been floundering for quite some time...even their cuv isnt selling well...(they cant gove their sedans away either)

          maybe the new field of maserati vehicles will hold more charm...

          i hope the brand survives....

          their distribution plan was wrong as well...the dealers cant survive...

          should have been an italian focused dealer network...

          maserati , alfa and abath...(the fiat brand was too damaged in the past here in the USA)

          fwiw my alfa stelvio ti sport has been utterly reliable over the past 18 months for my better half...

          the rumors of italian cars are not true these days as far as I can tell.

          and a hoot to drive...the italians manage to instill an inate quality that transcends actual performance number comparisons...(5.1 to 60 for the cuv is pretty good turbo 4) the handling just makes you smile...

          the track performance of the upcoming rear mid engine shown will get slaughtered by the c8 ...but for some odd reason the maserati will make you smile for every mile if its anything like my alfa..

          im going on almost 60 years literally as an alfa fanatic dad in the early 60s and 70s always had (prebumpers) alfa spiders and they were fun and of course fond memories for me.

          even my wife who never would even know fun driving...finds the alfa FUN to drive...he giggles as she tells me how quick the car is and how well it corners...

          the Italians just know how to transfer that brio to the drivers...

          for that if the maserati could come in very close to 110 grand it might work...but at 150 it ll stall like the acura nsx has.

          only a few hundred cars sold a year in the mid to high 100 grand range...

          porsche may be able to do it because they can be used as dailies and have two little jump rear seats to tell the wife...sure itll work to pick up the kids in an emergency..(rarely happens but its capable in a pinch)

          rear mid engine acura or maserati wont have that little luggage ....I mean emergency kid space to blow past the moms excuse of no dont buy that Sports car buy a suv ...blah blah blah....
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