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Corvette Today Podcast: Meet Corvette’s Car Racing’s Brand Manager, Laura Wontrop Klauser

When GM decided to bring all of their racing entities under one person, they picked Laura Wontrop Klauser to lead them.; In this episode of CORVETTE TODAY, your host, Steve Garrett, introduces you to Laura.  She's a Mechanical Engineer, she track races, she truly loves her job.  And she talks about bringing all of GM's racing together to share ideas and research.   Also learn about the future of Corvette Racing on this episode of the CORVETTE TODAY podcast
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Slightly O/T. But Why isn't there a Corvette History Blu-ray ? only VHS and dvds

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  • Slightly O/T. But Why isn't there a Corvette History Blu-ray ? only VHS and dvds

    Corvette has the one of if not the biggest followings out there Yet there is blu-ray HIstories on BMW racing, BMW, Ferrari, And even obscure subjects. Is there not a Will? or is GM too stingy with Licensing? I have all the vhs and DVDs and then some On Corvette. I don't understand,the last project sadly did not get off the ground, I wish i had the know how and funds to do it. I have a Blu-ray from Japan(In Japanese,English subtitles) on Corvette but I want an English Language made here Blu-ray for a worldwide audience. The Corvette Museum,GM and many with the ability should take note.

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    There is a december release from everyday driver productions...its a fun real world driving in the mountains one after the other comparative insightful show of driving every generation corvette to date.

    should be really exciting and make a great christmas gift.

    the podcast is twice a week and the video production of driving each generation corvette should be an excellent movie to watch.

    i dont know how long it will be but their shows are interesting and upbeat.

    i believe they love putting their stuff on blue ray too.

    they are nit cool biker guys. They are normal everyday auto enthusiasts and their movies are even better than their8 week season tv show

    On velocity tv soon to be motor trend tv i believe..r


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      They are a little corny yet its an endearing type of show. They are honest guys just making it happen. Doing their best to bring good enthusiast auto shows.

      i like these friendly and nice people...