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  • OnPoint’s Post Of The Day

    Congratulations OnPoint! Regarding the comparative track and street traction capabilities of a mid engine compared to a FE, here’s what he wrote.

    Originally posted by OnPoint
    It will be (along with vastly different/improved sightlines) perhaps the most noted and remarked upon improvement of the car. I fully expect the first several magazine reviews of the ME to touch on this point. And the thing is, it directly translates to lap time. As Pobst noted. The sooner you can get back into the throttle, the more speed you can sustain/gain. Carrying speed through the corners is what makes fast lap times. Such why the instructors at Spring Mountain can outrun students when the students are in Z06s or ZR1s and the instructors are in Stingrays. They know how to carry speed through the turns better than the students. It's why the person who gets the jump in a roll race is nearly guaranteed to win the roll race, as it takes a huge dollop of hp to make up for the speed/head start of the other guy.
    So they can keep adding power all they want to the FE platform. At some point (as in now) all you do is reach limited to no returns on the road course with it, leaving trap speeds and 1/2 and mile runs as the remaining advantage of the higher hp. I enjoy road course work (tho I'm no pro at it), and I've got over 150 runs at the mile events - so I want both, the ME and the hp. That said, if they give the base ME 500-550 hp, it's going to post lap times very close the current Z06, along with similar 0-60. It won't hang with the current Z on 1/4 mile traps or 1/2 or full mile runs (hp rules the roost on those latter two events), but it'll be a stout runner overall.

    And a heck of a lot more controllable for street driving, particular in cold temps.

    It is in this thread:


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