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    Originally posted by Shepherd777
    My guess is that early version C8s will most likely not even have an e-assist system at all, and prolly won't even have a 48 volt battery bank. Just a 12 normal volt battery up-converted to 48 volts via a DC>DC converter possibly powering hybridized components like the power steering pump, or possibly the A/C compressor. If they do utilize a 48V starter/generator for starting, Chevy will most likely use a very small 48V SuperCapacitor to power it, that component being charged by the 12 volt side. The output of the 48V generator would be down-converted to charge the 12 volt battery until the full e-assist system is implemented. My thoughts here are that Chevy would get the 48 volt architecture in place and then incrementally add hardware for the full e-assist system as the model years roll on..
    All the above is just speculation at this point, like everything else regarding the upcoming configurations of the C8s. But it's fun to speculate.

    Congratulations Shepherd for being our today Award Winner, for your outline seems very consistent with GM wanting to keep the first year MSRP as low as possible, yet recognizes what well could be occurring on later ME models in later years.
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