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CORVETTE TODAY #80 - Meet Famed Corvette Race Car Driver, Andy Pilgrim

If you're a fan of Corvette Racing, you'll absolutely love this podcast! Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, sits down with famed Corvette Racing driver, Andy Pilgrim, to discuss his illustrious career. Andy takes you back to his days in Great Britain, where he started racing motorcycles. He tells you how he got to the United States and how he got invited to be a part of the Corvette Racing team. Pilgrim talks about his 20+ years racing, his time at Le Mans and much more.

Also find out what andy is doing today along with his association with the National Corvette Museum and the Motorsports Park.
It's an fascinating listen about one of the drivers who helped kick on Corvette Racing on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast!

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The Official GM Z06 Press Release Will Be Here Tuesday @ 12:01 Pm (ET)

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Congrats to smoove7410 TOTD!

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  • Congrats to smoove7410 TOTD!

    Our Thead Of The Day (TOTD) Award Winner is smoove7410. Great job in posting the Carscoops “interior uncovered.” Astute MECF followers will remember that he also posted another gem earlier.

    Congratulations smoove7410, our Thread of the Day Award Winner!

    Last edited by John; 01-11-2019, 04:41 PM.
    GBA Black; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51 & Mag Ride; E60 lift; 5VM visible carbon fiber package; 5ZZ high wing; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; 3LT; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; J6N Edge Red Calipers; SNG Edge Red Hashmarks; VQK Splash Guards; RCC Edge Red engine cover; VJR illuminated sill plates. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 23 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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    Thanks smoove. You have provided a lot of happiness for many by your posting that here.


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      You get the “smooth move of the day” award. Thank you.


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        Thanks, all!


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          Originally posted by MidEngine View Post
          You get the “smooth move of the day” award. Thank you.
          He meant smoove move!
          2017 TR GS 2LT


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            That was awesome to come home last night check into the forum and see that interior shot..

            thanls to John for the forum and thanks to smoove7410 for posting up..

            im still enjoying going over the details of that photo...


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              Thanks smoove7410 and congratulations for your Thread Of The Day ! Hoping my C8 will look this great ...

              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2405.PNG Views:	25 Size:	138.6 KB ID:	22846
              A thought if I might ...