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Corvette Today Podcast: TONS OF NEWS THIS WEEK

We've been doing Corvette news & headlines podcasts on CORVETTE TODAY since September 2020. I don't remember ever doing a news & headlines podcast with this much critical information packed into one podcast! This is a "must listen" to podcast. Here are a few of the topics covered in this episode....

1. Chevrolet confirms the introduction this Fall of the 2023 C8 Z06 with a new video release-and it sounds like a Ferrari
2. Corvette dominates sales in Q2 2021
3. Chevy dealerships have received their first 2022 C8 allocations
4. Callaway looks ahead to 2022 and the Callaway C8 Corvette
5. Right-hand drive C8 is revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK
6. New GT-3 spec C8.R expected in 2024
7. California will start failing cars with tuned ECU’s during smog checks
8. The National Corvette Museum delivers their 14,000th Corvette
9. A couple exchanges wedding vows before taking delivery of their C8 at the NCM
10. "Life in the Fast Lane" by The Eagles is a story of cocaine and a fast Corvette
11. Sigala Designs shows off a completed widebody kit for the C8
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Texas Mile

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  • Texas Mile
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    There is a madness to my method!

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    Originally posted by Plasboy View Post
    That maybe the [or a] greatest chassis from a production car and kinda plain Jane.

    Keep it simple C8.

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      simply awesome performance!
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        Plasboy thanks - That's Awesome, Would you know the specs on that car?
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          Originally posted by Frenzy36 View Post
          Plasboy thanks - That's Awesome, Would you know the specs on that car?
          Nope, just what they had on the video.
          There is a madness to my method!

          2015 Z06 Torch/adrenaline
          2001 coupe Torch/oak R8C
          79 coupe Silver/oyster
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            It has 2,500 HP.
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              Here's more info:

    ;utm_medium=em ail&amp;date=032619&amp;src=nl&amp;utm_campaign=16 390758

              In stock form, the 2005 Ford GT isn't a particularly aerodynamic car. Ford's engineers did their best to improve on the original GT40's disastrous drag-coefficient, but as performance development supervisor Kent Harrison told Car and Driver, their goal figure was "less than 0.39."

              What the GT platform is really good at is developing power. Loads of it. M2K Motorsports says their 300.4 mph Ford GT has over 2000 horsepower at the wheels, or roughly 2500 at the crank. No dyno can measure it properly. What's for sure is that at Victoria Regional Airport, their still street-legal Ford was good for 174.5 mph, 240 mph, and then a record-shredding 300.4 mph (483.44 km/h) within a mile. That would be an insane pace from anything on four wheels, let alone a streetable car.

              With Koenigsegg and Hennessey both aiming for the 300mph barrier with their latest multi-million dollar cars, the Jesko 300 and the Venom F5, Ford's now 14-year-old supercar continues to surprise the world with its tunability, and stability beyond 250 miles per hour. Perhaps its no surprise that the Koenigsegg V8 also started out as a twin-turbo Ford Modular.
              And here:

              Twice a year in the great state of Texas, gearheads from across the universe gather to do one thing: go real **** fast. That event is called the Texas Mile, and it’s one of the fastest things you’ll ever witness. And this past weekend, once again a Ford GT was king—with a truly mind-blowing speed.

              While your hardworking Texas Jalopnik staff was busy covering IndyCar’s debut in Austin, the Texas Mile in Victoria saw even more intense speeds, like the 300.4 mph run from the famous M2K Motorsports Ford GT.

              f this Gulf livery car looks familiar, it should. It (and other Ford GTs) have spent the last few years dominating the Texas Mile, and getting somehow faster and faster every year.

              When I started covering these around 2012, the GTs were doing in excess of 260 mph, which feels positively slow compared to 300. And this exact same GT hit a record 293.6 mph in 2017, so I’m not shocked it finally joined the 300 club.

              As Autoblog reported, the M2K car is said to have a now twin-turbocharged version of the standard 5.4-liter V8 running about 2,500 horsepower off 45 psi of boost. It is, to put it simply, a monster.

              Also extremely notable: the Dodge Neon ACR that did 193.3 mph this weekend.

              Update: Because people asked, here is M2K’s Mark Heidaker on the tires used:
              Honestly, I don’t think ANY tires are suitable but we run the Hoosier R7 even though the only response we have gotten from Hoosier is they have no experience with those tires at those speeds and can not recommend them. I can tell you, we only use a brand new set of tires for approximately 2 runs so lets say, I have a BUNCH of tires laying around with less than 5 miles on them... I believe the last order of Hoosier tires we placed was for 40 of them just for M2K...
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