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    Originally posted by Ralston View Post
    For me it was Joshua Tree National Monument. At sunrise, with no other cars in the park, my friend hands me the key to his Maserati Quattroporte. Perfectly smooth pavement, ability to see around the bends. I went for it, and I was fine. My friend, however, displayed concern for his car.

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    In my 23 years in the Marines I spent almost 10 years stationed in 29 Palms and 11 years total there including training time, etc. I LOVE Joshua Tree National Park and know every road in the park with my eyes closed. I've ridden so many motorcycles through there, everything from my sportbikes back when I was a young Marine through my Harley Dyna the last time I was stationed out that way from 2011 - 2015.

    I do truly miss JTNP, and especially my motorcycle getaways riding through there. The last time I was stationed there I lived in Palm Springs, a little over an hour drive from base, but very worth it. There were many Fridays I would scoot out a little early and go the long way home through JTNP from the 29 Palms entrance through to interstate 10 and then ride the back roads the rest of the way into town staying off I-10.

    Back when I was a Sergeant stationed there in 2000 I had an 88 Trans-am that I had built a 383 stroker for, got the 700r4 trans beefed up, big injectors, adjustable fuel pressure, added the Accel tuned port goodies rather than the GM ones, etc. Car was a blast to drive and was GREAT through the park. Many great times out there.

    Here's a photo of the T/A in the park from back then.

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      Originally posted by Z06_Pilot View Post

      just came across this post. We have been to Maui 12 times. Each time we go we rent a motorcycle and a sports car (usually a Vette). I have done the road to hana countless times. 7 hours. You must have been doing it on a weekend, or during the summer? We always go in January and only get on the road to hana on a weekday, and we make sure we get out of Paia and onto it by 07:00 in the morning. usually we stop several times on the way there, but we have run it straight through, gassed up and grabbed something to eat in Hana, then straight back. 4 hours tops. I don't feel any part of it is dangerous or frightening in any way, but i was raised in the shadow of the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee, so i have been running roads like this my whole life. The road to Hana is absolutely stunning IMO. I don't think it's as awe-inspiring as the PCH, but it is really incredible to be on a Hawaiian island that has an actual rain forest on it where they get some form of moisture there over 300 days per year. Lot's of one lane bridges.....

      I suspect the reason for it's ranking on the most dangerous roads list is people rubber-necking and not knowing how to stay on their side of the road.

      Now I do hear that on weekends and any day during the summer the road is jammed packed with people doing all kinds of stupid things! When we go, on the weekends we explore the Upcountry area and stay away from beach areas and Hana....
      I agree with you Z06 pilot that this road is not inherently dangerous. We have a condo on Maui and have done this drive many times over the years and never felt it was unsafe to drive. I think the people having the accidents are the locals who drive it too fast not the tourists. We always stay a night or two in Hana because I would not want to drive in and out in the same day.
      there is a wonderful old Hawaiian style hotel there right on the beach in Hana that we like to stay at.
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        I drove the Road to Hana in 2005 in a rental car, and didn't find it dangerous. It was interesting in places and fun to drive, but the wife was in the passenger seat, so I never pushed it. We stopped at the tourist spots along the way, the Coral Miracle Church and the Black Sand (actually crushed lava) beach, so we took our time but made the round trip in a day (had to be back aboard the cruise ship).

        I had more fun on the Tail of the Dragon, 11 miles and 318 curves. I drove a BMW MINI and there is a "MINI's on the Dragon" event every year early in May. In deference to the FL poster who mentioned their lack of curvy roads, there was always a Sunshine MINIs group from FL whose bumper sticker read "Sunshine MINIs, 318 miles and 11 curves".
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          Originally posted by pageda View Post
          The road to Hana is worth doing and it would be fun in a Corvette but this is for the scenery, not the thrill of driving! Charles Lindbergh's grave is about 15 miles beyond Hana at a quaint old Hawaiian church.

          If you want thrills continue on past Hana to where it turns into an unimproved and poorly maintained dirt road but you will want a Jeep to do that. This will get you all the way around the eastern side of Maui.

          A better trip on Maui for a Corvette would be a trip up to the Haleakala National Park.

          I do believe that is where we ended up. At one point the Cadillac bottomed out so bad that I stopped to make sure the oil pan was still intact and that's also the reason why I said I should have rented a jeep.
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          Is the Hana Highway that dangerous?

          Though the winding, cliffy road to Hana is more dangerous than most, the reasons for its infamy come from its history. A couple of decades ago, the Highway was poorly paved and unsafe. It had potholes, weak old bridges and missing guardrails. With the inception of heightened tourism, the Road to Hana on Maui is well paved and safer than ever. Dangers still exist though. Being subject to constant rainfall, the road is wet in many areas along the drive. This combined with high cliffs, low-visibility hairpin turns, narrow roads, speeding locals, and gawking tourists can make this road treacherous. Make certain that the driver is watching the road. Switching off is the best way to ensure a safe and pleasurable drive.
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            [QUOTE=brad66;n222095]Stelvio is usually a stage of the Giro D'Italia bicycle race, imagine that!

            For me it would be Mt. Evans in Colorado but that was pre Corvette and in a rental car. Pikes Peak was also pretty good when it wasn't paved all the way to the top.[/QUOTE Oregon has many roads that rival the best of Any ROADS NATION WIDE!