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  • Most Enjoyable, Hair-Raising Road

    What is the one road you have been on, Corvette or otherwise, that you think back as “What Fun, and I Am Ever Glad I Made Safely It To It’s End. WHEW!”

    Ours is the Stelvio Passé. It connects the northern Italian Alps, with southern Austria and Switzerland. It has 48 switchbacks going up one side, even more coming down the other. It will get your adrenalin flowing. If you miss one corner, you are dead. There are places without guardrails, and if you are an agoraphobic this is one place you never want to drive. But if you like your heart pumping while flying up, around and down so many hair pin turns with the most incredible scenery, this is one road you will not only love but NEVER FORGET, Here’s a picture I took from the top as we caught our breath, and before went flying down the other side, navigating those final 50 switchbacks.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	66625173-A7D7-4587-921A-642BFA96ACD1.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	691.0 KB ID:	222083

    But just minutes before that drive down its northern half, the annual European Auto Alpen Rally came in and parked, a collection of true exotics and this one American import (which coincidentally was identical to our C6 Z06 we owned at that time). Walking around them my wife took this picture while we enjoyed eating the best road-side sausage we tasted during our entire month long Europe trip. Talking to the owner of this Corvette and showing him a picture of our near identical one at home was ten minutes of great fun.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	0248CA32-9A9B-41CD-9B74-B9F7667FA1C0.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	829.8 KB ID:	222084

    How good is the Stelvio Passé? It was determined to be the “best driving road in the world” by the original Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May TOP GEAR crew.

    One more vivid memory of that month-long European trip that my wife and I periodically joke about. We were on the Autobahn, on one its unlimited speed sections. We had just finished breaking in our new 335xi and I was doing a top speed run (unknown to my wife who was looking out her door window at some great scenery). I had one hand on the wheel, the order on my camera taking a picture of the speedometer. I had just hit its top limited speed of 155 MPH, when she turned and saw what I was doing. My wife who only swears once every few years, said, “I don’t a F—— how fast we are going with two hands on the wheel, but I do with one. So either slow down or give me the F________ camera and I will take a picture of the speedometer at 155.”


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    Stelvio is usually a stage of the Giro D'Italia bicycle race, imagine that!

    For me it would be Mt. Evans in Colorado but that was pre Corvette and in a rental car. Pikes Peak was also pretty good when it wasn't paved all the way to the top.
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      Mine would have to have been on my honeymoon in Maui. Rented a Caddy for the stay but should have rented a Jeep. Drove on the Road To Hana. At one point there was a sign that said all rental vehicles should turn around, oooops. Pretty hair raising experience that the new wife did not enjoy but luckily she was in the passenger seat and wasn't looking over the edge of the cliff like I was. 🙄

      A review from a travel website

      This is DANGEROUS

      Review of Hana Highway - Road to Hana
      Reviewed August 10, 2017
      Everyone talked about the road to Hana and what a great tourist experience this was. This was the most terrifying experience I've ever had. While the scenery is great and all, let me tell you what you are not hearing.

      This trip takes approximately 7.0 hours to complete and the Road to Hana is considered the 5th most dangerous road in the world. There is nothing but sharp - blind turns, one way roads, one car bridges on roads that continuously turned and not wide enough for two cars. The road is washed out in several parts and in the upper elevation, the continuous raining leaves roads saturated with water. Now, keep in mind the outside edge of the road are cliffs and 100' plus drop offs. This is not safe.

      This is NOT a tourest adventure, this was a thrill seeker sport and I find it extremely negligent on the local's behalf to recommend this as a tourist attraction. I spent 7 hours in the car terrified and we had several close calls with accidents with other cars. The Road to Hana should be renamed the "Road to Hell."


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        “I will take a picture of the speedometer at 155” Great Story! Not many stunning roads to drive in Florida, but have some favorites I’ve driven ... mostly in rentals however 🥺 One in Oregon and one in Montana I would love to pilot the C8 on are 138 from Crater Lake to Roseburg and then 42 over to the coast...beautiful combo of switchback, rivers, lakes, and the 101 coastal highway Bandon to Coosbay. Montana....Glacier National Park... Going to the Sun Road... On the east coast ... Blue Ridge Park Way... lots of fun if the roads are relatively clear... great convertible country in the Spring... And one more that Cobia 384.... Road to Hana is spectacular... Did it with the Queen in a 6 speed Toyota (I think?) fabulous vistas around each bend in the road... road was not paved beyond Hana at the time so back tracked to our hotel... must have shifted 10,000 times...😎
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          Road to Hana for me as well. Wife and I rented a Jeep for that excursion which was the right call given some of the terrain we encountered, plus it was a blast without the top! That would be an “interesting” drive in a sports car, that’s for sure!

          A close second would be driving in the mountains in Italy near Cinque Terre in an Alfa Romeo. Narrow roads with blind corners and not many guard rails. My spirited driving ended when we came very close to colliding with a bus that was flying around said blind corner. But it was fun while it lasted!
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN4382.JPG
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ID:	222106 Stelvio was particularly challenging in late June on a BMW R1200GSA in the snow with busses coming the other way. There are so many great roads in the Alps. The best was always the one that I was currently driving! 2 weeks and 2100 miles worth. I recall one switchback that was so tight I had to stop and lean my bike against the uphill edge of the road to let a bus make the hairpin turn. While busses take up the whole road, bikes are constantly passing in the center of the road. Drivers concede the center of the road to faster traffic. Not sure how it would be driving a C8. It was crazy fun!

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              This one looks like fun.



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                Old STORM KING MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY, NY State Route 218. south to north, from US 9W to Cornwall on Hudson, New York. A two line road that skirts past the US Military Academy at West Point, then winds along the edge of Storm King Mountain above the Hudson River


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                  Without question a two day drive from Gabon, Africa to visit some of our folks that were training their military about as far from civilization as is possible. My boss and I had two locals as hired drivers/interpreters in a Toyota SUV. Treacherous unimproved roads to include many through mountains and little villages.These drivers appeared to have no fear based on the speeds they drove on these roads. Literally a white knuckle experience with a death grip on the “oh-crap” bars.

                  Imagine traveling in this at 50-60MPH and passing other vehicles on blind mountain curves on roads that look like this. After awhile we stopped asking them to slow down. It fell on deaf ears anyways. Driving like that was just the way it was there for everyone. I think we got three flats over the two day trip.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  We stayed overnight at a beautiful property in the middle of nowhere. It was at the junction of two rivers coming down out of the mountains.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Semper Fidelis,

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                    John...what a fantastic story of your time on the curviest road on any mountain that I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing. I'm living life vicariously through you and least until I can hit the road myself.

                    Mike Furman


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                      Some truly magnificent travels indeed. Thanks for posting.
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                        Road to Hana (rental car) and Tail of the Dragon (my C7) are my two favorites.
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                          Amalfi Drive in Italy was amazing! Loved the beautiful towns, gorgeous coastline, and buses navigating hairpin turns.
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                            Road to Hana was definitely the most scary drive! Especially when there was oncoming traffic.

                            129 (Tail of the Dragin) is one of the most fun drives around.

                            Also many of the North GA mountain roads (near Suches) as well. (We did get pulled over, and lectured!)
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                            Oooh almost forgot, there are great roads on the west coast also, one from Interstate 5 to Monterey, CA. 2 Lane twist and turn through the mountains. That was fun on the Stampede!! Could never use all the power, but got to really test a cars ability!
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                              Colorado National Monument between Grand Junction and Fruita south of I-70
                              Monument Rd to Rimrock Drive ......dawn patrol is best from east to west imo....

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                              Rimrock was empty when I drove it in my Silverado on my way to Spring mountain in early December.
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